Yesterday marked a week since the Who Against Guns campaign was launched by a coalition of over 40 Doctor Who fans, which include series writers, showrunners, and other official-Who creatives. Monday saw a slew of news updates from the campaign, which seeks to drive donations of $10 or more to organizations working on gun violence prevention.

“Last Friday, March 2, around noon eastern time, we issued a challenge: if we doubled the money raised thus far for the #WhoAgainstGuns initiative and raised $7000, former showrunner of Doctor Who, acclaimed writer and co-creator of Sherlock Steven Moffat would take part in a commentary of ‘The War Games’ episode 10,” explained Graeme Burk of the podcast Reality Bomb in a statement yesterday.

Burk went on to announce that this stretch goal had been met and exceeded.

That was yesterday. As of press time, The Beat has learned that Who Against Guns has officially raised $10,000 according to campaign officials.

As a reward for this milestone, participating podcast Gallifrey Public Radio announced that the person whose donation pushed the total over that threshold will receive an autographed copy of Paul Cornell‘s Twice Upon A Time. The book is a novelization of Steven Moffat’s series 10 finale of the same name.

For his part, Steven Moffat offered further incentive for fans to continue to donate to the cause:

“I’m thrilled to hear we’ve hit the target. Of course I’ll take part,” Moffat wrote. “I even have OPINIONS about episode 10 of The War Games, but don’t stop. Will keep talking for another five minutes for every five hundred more!”

There’ll be plenty for Moffat to talk about. Episode 10 of “The War Games” is significant in that it (spoiler alert!) features a Doctor regeneration, the departing of several companions, and the first appearance of the Doctor’s home planet of Gallifrey.

The Who Against Guns campaign also took a moment yesterday to acknowledge an oversight in their efforts, namely the inclusion of a gun violence charity effort led by–and aimed at– of color.

“The decision to add Community Justice Reform Coalition (CJRC) came through thoughtful conversations with friends and fellow fans who asked about alternative organization donations that would count toward the campaign,” wrote Joy Piedmont, co-host of Reality Bomb. “Especially those led by people of color and/or whose work was inclusive of reducing gun violence in communities of color, which are disproportionately negatively affected by both gun violence and gun control measures. ”

The CRJC has been added to the group of organizations suggested by Who Against Guns to receive donations, which also includes  March For Our Lives, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and Moms Demand Action. Fans need only forward a copy of their donation receipt to Who Against Guns to receive access to the exclusive podcast when it’s released on March 12.

The campaign also announced that Philip Hinchcliffe, show runner of Doctor Who from 1974 to 1977 during the much-beloved Tom Baker era, has joined Who Against Guns effort. Hinchcliffe is slated to record a bonus commentary to “The War Games” episode 1.

Previously announced celebrity participants to the commentary series include Paul Cornell (“Human Nature”, “Family of Blood”), Jamie Mathieson (“Oxygen”, “Flatline”), Andrew Smith (“Full Circle”), and Peter Harness (“The Zygon Invasion”, “Kill The Moon”). Comic professionals have signed on as well. Titan Comic artists  Rachael Stott (Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor), and Simon Fraser (Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor) are among those commentating, as are a number of Doctor Who podcasters.

To further motivate fans to be generous, also in the works is a giveaway featuring Doctor Who related prizes. Items range from signed comics and books to action figures that will be gifted to fans who’ve donated to the campaign via a random drawing. One prize reportedly will see it’s winner get to name a character in an upcoming project by Jenny Colgan, author of the novelization of the David Tennant-era episode “The Christmas Invasion.”

It should be noted that this article’s author is herself among those providing commentary as part of the Who Against Guns campaign. 


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