This is one of the odder announcements to come out of the current “Fresh Start” schedule.

Jeff Lemire hasn’t been gone from Marvel long enough for his Thanos run to have concluded on Marvel Unlimited.  But he’s back.  Then again, Lemire is a frighteningly prolific writer and it’s normal for him to work with several publisher simultaneously.  It’s still a fairly quick return, though.

Then there’s the title itself.  The Sentry is a character that hasn’t always worked very well outside the original Paul Jenkins /Jae Lee mini-series.  Essentially, he’s Superman with split personality, where he’s his own archenemy.  That’s as unexpected as Lemire’s quick return.

So The Sentry #1 by Lemire and Kim Jacinto will debut in June.

Over at, Lemire has the following to say about comparisons to his well-received run on Moon Knight, featuring another character having trouble with his multiple personalities:

“Well, it’s is different since Sentry and Moon Knight both have very different issues,” Lemire explains. “In both cases, I wanted to craft a narrative structure that reflected those mental health issues and both series deal with multiple realities reflecting the inner landscape of the characters, so I suppose you could draw a comparison there. But The Sentry is not a retread of what I did in Moon Knight. But I did want to create a story filled with mystery and psychological depth like I did with Moon Knight.”


  1. It occurred to me this morning: Lemire is effectively writing pseudo Fantastic Four for DC, and pseudo Superman for Marvel

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