Time to catch up on  a few of the digital comics sales going on right now:

Over at DC, there’s a Jim Lee sale.  I guess the DC Publisher has a side hustle as an artist?

Your best bets are probably Batman: Hush (so you want have to hunt down the Walmart reprints) or go old school with WildCATs single issues

Over on the Marvel side of the aisle, there are a couple Charles Soule series of note:  I’ve always enjoyed his run on Daredevil and its pulpy noir ethos and his Darth Vader is one of Marvel’s best sellers.

On a very different note, the Humanoids Fantasy Sale has some little seen work by some U.S. name talent for the European market.  Like Geoff Johns and Butch Guice on Olympus and Kurt Busiek’s Redhand.

There’s also an IDW Recent Hits Sale.  You might be curious about Star Wars Adventuresbut I’d rate the big prize here as Judge Dredd: The Dark Judges.  Some of the classic tales from the early days of 2000 A.D., including Judge Anderson, Judge Death and the immortal “gaze into the fist of Dredd.”