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SDCC ’19: Humanoids exclusives and panel details

Humanoids brings its H1 shared universe to San Diego.

INDIE VIEW: ‘Ignited’ and ‘The Follies of Richard Wadsworth’ look at...

John Seven reviews 'Ignited' and 'The Follies of Richard Wadsworth'

PREVIEW: It’s kids vs. monsters in the all-ages URBAN LEGENDZ

The new all-ages graphic novel is the debut work of animators Nick Bruno, Paul Downs, and Michael Yates.

Comings and Goings: Butcher, Towers, Ching, and Lujo

The industry shuffle! Some familiar names are on the move.

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: STATES OF MIND, a true story of mental illness

'...a true story of a spirited young woman whose brilliant mind is caught in the grip of mental illness...'

INTERVIEW: Mark Waid talks H1, Humanoids new superpowered universe

' Everyone creating these books has skin in the game when it comes to what's happening in the world around us.'

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: A musical genius as a child in YOUNG MOZART

'The young virtuoso is looking for―and finding!― inspiration wherever it hides, even in the cries of Nannerl, his sister, or the poop of his dog.'

Review: There’s power and dignity in these ‘Vietnamese Memories’

Clement Baloup's gorgeous and moving stories of the Vietnamese who settle in America

INDIE VIEW: Three unexpected calamities, two definite solutions

Reviewed: Captain Barbosa and the Pirate Hat Chase, New Life, and Things Go Wrong #1

INTERVIEW: Humanoid’s Jud Meyers on marketing an open-minded comics culture

Humanoids Comics took a very calculated approach to 2018. They’ve announced a new imprint, called H1, that looks to establish a shared superhero universe...

Where’s all the money in comics coming from anyway?

People are investing like crazy in comics despite the small returns.

INTERVIEW: Sébastien Samson went the distance for MY NEW YORK MARATHON

French cartoonist Sébastien Samson's graphic novel about running in the New York Marathon shows the universal language of the graphic novel.