Humanoids and Humble Bundle have once again teamed up for a mega book bundle in support of the Freedom to Read Foundation. A minimum donation of $25 will get you over a hundred DRM-free digital books in The Incal to Twilight digital bundle ranging from the publisher’s crème de la crème core science fiction and fantasy range to its intriguing newer titles. It will run until November 18.

On the Humble Bundle page it says:

“A treasury of groundbreaking comics

“Lose yourself in celebrated fantasy, sci-fi, and biographical comic fiction in this massive collection from Humanoids! Journey to a surreal dystopia of Metabarons and Technopriests in Alejandro Jodorowsky’s influential The Incal, featuring art by the legendary Mœbius. Step into the dimension of TV legend Rod Serling’s mind in Koren Shadmi’s The Twilight Man. Discover tales of time-traveling photographers (Luisa: Now & Then), unstoppable forces (Armies), and much, much more across 100+ volumes—and help support the Freedom to Read Foundation.”

Humanoids (or Les Humanoïdes Associés) is a French-American company that was founded in France in 1974. It was originally founded to publish influential French science fiction magazine Métal Hurlant (the inspiration and source of US spinoff Heavy Metal) before expanding its publishing operations. Formerly headquartered in Paris, France, since 2013 it has been based in Los Angeles, in the US. For the bundle’s asking price alone it is worth getting Alejandro Jodorowsky and Moebius’ epic The Incal, The Metabarons, Luisa: Now & Then, and more.

The Freedom to Read Foundation is a US legal and educational non-profit aimed at fighting censorship. It was established by the American Library Association in 1969. Its goal is to promote and defend the First Amendment rights of readers, libraries and institutions – preserving the right of individuals to free access of information. It is a sponsor of Banned Books Week.

Humble Bundle regularly has comics bundles with Kodansha, Humanoids, Image Comics, and Dark Horse making semi-regular appearances. Currently there are two comics-related Humble Bundles on offer – Dark Horse’s Creepy Comics Collection in support of the Hero Initiative, which contains the entirety of the collected Warren Comics Creepy magazine (1964-1983) and the Dark Horse-produced successor for a minimum of $18; and the Doctor Who Megabundle 2023 in support of BBC Children in Need, which comprises a sweep of comics collections, RPG books, and audiobooks (also an $18 minimum). Creepy will close November 4, Doctor Who on November 23.


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