Also announced today by DC is the news that issue #27 of Detective Comics will be a special anniversary edition, and will feature work from a number of creators including Frank Miller, Scott Snyder, Paul Dini, Neal Adams, Francesco Francavilla, Sean Murphy and more.

There will also be a story from the new creative team who’ll be taking over Detective Comics – Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato.


So before we go any further, let me just announce that I will be trademarking the word BATMANAPUL.

Out in January, the issue will be over 100 pages long and will feature variant covers from artists including Jim Lee, Mike Allred, Kelley Jones, Patrick Gleeson and Chris Burnham. 

The original issue #27 of Detective Comics was the first comic to feature Batman – so with 2014 being the 75th anniversary of the character, it appears this will be the first of several celebratory issues from DC over the course of the year, most likely.


  1. Aw, when I saw you say “to feature” for a second I thought you meant that they were going to have cameos in it :-(

  2. At what point did hating Frank Miller the artist become the in new thing? Holy Terror was a piece of shit ideologically, but in and of itself it was a gorgeous book and the guy is still operating at a level of skill and style of that puts many of DC’s current crop of writers and artists to shame.

  3. Let me get this straight:

    DC is doing a “new” Detective Comics #27? Hmmm….
    Are they including all of the other characters that appeared in that issue – Slam Bradley and the like?

  4. @ Charles – being better than DC’s current creators isn’t really something that should be a feather in anyone’s cap, much less Frank Miller’s

  5. I refuse to spend any money on anything that has Frank Miller’s name on it. I know I’m in a definite minority on the subject, but as far as I’m concerned “The Dark Knight Returns” did more to screw up the character than anything Adam West or William Dozier came up with 20 years earlier.

  6. Oh, for the love of…

    Whatever his current creative failings, Frank Miller did more to revolutionize comics than any other dozen people combined. He has written three of the best superhero stories of all time and his Ronin, Hard Boiled and the first Martha Washington story continue to rank up there with the best slam-bang reading experiences we have. He was taking comics writing (and drawing) seriously while Thor was still saying “Ods Bodkins” and he compelled an entire generation of readers to buy comics with a spine.

    I know anything he does today is shit, but at least show some respect for the man’s accomplishments. Double all that for Alan Moore. Comics would not be what it is today without those two men.

  7. Over 100 pages, huh? What’s the price point? I’m going to guess either $7.99 or $9.99, depending on how much DC wants to squeeze the fanbase. I imagine it would sell at similar levels either way.

  8. At what point did hating Frank Miller the artist become the in new thing?

    When they found out he didn’t vote the same way they did.

    Holy Terror was a piece of shit ideologically

    As someone who actually read the book, the criticisms of racism are invented wholecloth, mostly from people who didn’t even read it. And why didn’t they? Because they heard it was “racist” from other guys like them that also didn’t read it. Heh. Guess their philosophy class skipped over circular reasoning.

  9. Hopefully Miller and Adams can show some love for the character and his fans rather than feeling like they have to subvert their own legacies.

  10. When did Frank Miller become the Pete Rose of comics? Can he never get into the hall of fame? His last few offerings can’t compare with his earlier works. The same could be said of the Rolling Stones or Martin Scorsese. That does take away from what he originally gave us — it blew our minds years ago.

  11. Frank Miller AND Neal Adams together?

    If it doesn’t have Batman fighting dinosaurs in a whorehouse on the Hollow Earth while being called the Godd*mn Batman I’ll be VERY disappointed!

    I’ll buy it anyway, though. And people should appreciate more those two creators’ current output. Why Alan Moore writing what amounts to fanfic for the last ten years gets a pass while the glorious insanity of All-Star Batman and Batman: Odyssey is a no-no? Because a guy who dresses like a bat to beat up criminals needs to be taking seriously at all times? I like dinosaurs and the godd*mn Batman!

  12. All I ask for the Adams content is that it is not a redrawing of previous panels. It can be a pinup, zombie, whatever, just not a redraw. Oh, and if it is a story, can it please make sense.

  13. Hey, you gotta be a little nuts in this industry.

    My last Frank Miller comic was Martha Washington Dies. That was my cut off point. Pretty plain there just wasn’t very much left of the groundbreaking Frank Miller, and just the dumb stuff was left over.

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