Brett Schenker is pressing onwards with his Facebook research into comics likers, who they are what they buy and what they do. While his gender based research continues to be a benchmark, this time out he has a lot of trends on education, employment and so on.

Compared to the general Facebook populace, comic fans are much more likely to be “single,” “in a relationship,” or “engaged.” They are much less likely to be “married.” As far as education, they are slightly more likely to be college educated. Take the above and we’re looking for younger college educated individuals.

Also of note, what else comics readers like:

That’s just a sample. Hit the link for the whole thing. Brett tells me that some racial breakdowns should be available soon and that should prove to be fascinating as well.


  1. How does that compare to the general populace?
    Of those various data points, what’s the spread by age?
    I’m single, college educated, read comics, but am not “young”.

  2. So is this all still based in large part on the millions of people who “like” the Marvel Facebook page? That is, the same Facebook page for fans of the Marvel films and TV series?

  3. Torstenm on the main post the Facebook data is in light grey and the comic audience is in dark blue.

    Carl, Marvel has multiple pages, so no, that’d be different. And people do like different pages, the crossover isn’t what you’d think.

  4. Still only a study of the twelve percent of adult Americans who regularly use Facebook.

    Yes Facebook claims 32,000,000, but the USAToday study showed that they included people who visit Facebook occasionally without joining and anyone who ever joined, even if they never returned.

    It’s the definition of a fringe cult and the users can’t see it. AOL keyword: Kool-aid drinkers.

  5. Brett: OK, I guess I’ll have to take your word for it. When I Google “Marvel Comics Facebook,” I can’t find any official FB page for Marvel primarily as a publisher of comics. Instead I see the official page of Marvel Entertainment, which has almost 18 million likes but doesn’t link specifically to any page on comics. Instead the posts are a mixture of Marvel characters in various media, mostly film/TV, as well as a lot of merchandise, stories about characters/properties in themselves, and relatively few posts about actual comics. Evidently there used to be a separate “Marvel Comics” page which has now been merged into this page. Is this the “publisher” page you use in your data?

    Sorry if I’m being obtuse, I just don’t see anything else.

  6. David – There’s 180,000,000 in the United States on Facebook. This 30 million are folks who are “monthly active people.” IE there is some activity in the last month.

    Carl – Yeah, it’s a bit apples and oranges looking at the main search and what I’m doing. I get many more choices as an example there’s Marvel Comics vs Marvel Entertainment vs Marvel Studios in what I’m doing. All have very different audiences (I’ve looked to make sure). And when you choose each, you then get different suggested terms to further search. Marvel Comics brings other comic choices, Marvel Entertainment and Marvel Studios brings more of the movies for instance.

  7. These findings do tell us what many Facebook users say about comics. Bt it is a bit of a stretch to extrapolate the results to a broader picture.

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