The current run of Nightwing from writer Tom Taylor and artists Bruno Redondo and Adriano Lucas has been a breath of fresh air for fans of the character. Now things are about to get even better as DC Comics has revealed the covers for January 2022’s Nightwing #88, featuring a new design for the Nightwing suit by Redondo. Dick’s new look blends elements from previous Nightwing suit designs for a look that’s more a tweak than a ground-up reinvention.

1:25 incentive design variant cover for Nightwing #88

Here’s how DC describes Nightwing #88:

In this issue, after the distressing events of rescuing Haley from getting dognapped by bad guys (in the one-continuous-image Nightwing #87 coming to comic shops on December 21), Nightwing discovers there are way more hits on Dick Grayson than he realized, thanks to going public about his fortune, and he needs to find a clever way to be Dick Grayson and Nightwing at the same time.

Meanwhile, Heartless tries to buy power away from Blockbuster in order to take control of Blüdhaven, and both of these big bads have Nightwing in their crosshairs.

Artist Brian Stelfreeze created the design for what has remained the basis for the Nightwing costume back in 1995. Redondo has removed the blue wrist and calf cuffs, restoring the finger stripes and blue foot highlights of Stelfreeze’s original design, which Dick wore for thirteen years until taking over as Batman in 2008, while retaining the ‘bird-head’ chest emblem that was initially part of Nightwing’s The New Batman Adventures design, and tweaking the collar and mask of the suit, among other smaller alterations. Prior to Stelfreeze’s design Nightwing’s original look was designed in 1983 by George Perez, and his second look came in 1992 courtesy of Tom Grummett.

Main cover for Nightwing #88

Earlier today on Twitter Redondo teased the new suit reveal with the cover image above, accompanied by text reading “THOSE THINGS ARE BACK.”

Nightwing is not the first member of the Bat-family that Bruno Redondo has had a chance to design a new suit for. Earlier this year DC revealed a new look for Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl also designed by Redondo, and which is set to make its debut during the Fear State Bat-title crossover event.

Along with the two covers by Redondo, DC also shared variant cover artwork for Nightwing #88 by Jamal Campbell, which features both Dick and Babs, though the former is still wearing the suit he’s work since 2016’s DC Rebirth.

Look for the arrival of Nightwing’s new costume in Nightwing #88, out in January 2022.


  1. “And it’s perfect”. Stop talking like that. It’s a cool redesign. Not a big change. You don’t have to fangirl over everything. Comic book media is way to sycophantic. This industry is so childish sometimes.

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