Look, there’s one of two ways that a thousand year engagement between a demon and a human can go: it will either be a magical fairy tale, or it will be a living nightmare! In A Thousand Year Engagement, the newly-launched Tapas Original with a story by Cheezemate Studio, karasuhibari and Fanny Aleutia, art by POPIPAPEPU, with storyboard artist rzkvy, colorist Fsalmon, and BG artists Darren & Hadad, it’s decidedly the latter!

“I Have a Demon Fiancé?!”


A Thousand Year Engagement takes place in a world where demons have long been a fixture of the landscape! Things were pretty rough between demons and humans until a prophesy stated that, a thousand years hence, the two worlds would be united by a marriage!

In the first episode, “I Have a Demon Fiancé?!,” we are introduced to Alexandria “Alex” Dumont, the human who is half of the couple that is the subject of the prophesy, as well as Orias, the demon prince who comprises the other half. It turns out that neither of them are all that happy about the expectations with which they have been saddled…

Will the air eventually find that romance sparks between them? Is this a match made in Heaven (or in the other place)?

This story updates every Friday, and the first few episodes are free to read right now. But be forewarned: once you’ve gotten a taste of this wonderfully rendered world full of less-than-magical romance, you may not want to leave!

A Thousand Year Engagement

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Have you had a chance to check out A Thousand Year Engagement? What do you think of the series so far?

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