Back in the before times, pre-COVID-19, WonderCon 2020 was scheduled to take place this weekend. It would’ve started tomorrow and run through Sunday, and a wonderful time would likely have been had by all. Alas, the world is very different now than it was just a month ago, and this year’s WonderCon has been cancelled, but that’s not stopping some publishers from making planned exclusives for the show available to the masses. Earlier today IDW announced theirs are available to order now, and now DC Comics and Graphitti Designs have joined in, making numerous WonderCon exclusive variant covers and apparel items available via Graphitti’s website.

Among the DC WonderCon exclusive foil variant covers offered are issues of DCeased: Unkillables, and the Jim Lee covers for both The Flash #750 and the Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super-Spectacular. In addition, variants for books like Batman #90, Justice League #42, and Strange Adventures #1, which would have made their debut at last month’s Emerald City Comic Con, are also available for purchase. Shirts featuring Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, and art from Batman: Last Knight on Earth are also available.

DC WonderCon

Along with the exclusives, Graphitti Designs is also offering, site-wide, a free random DC variant cover for every $25 spent. There are six variants up for grabs, including covers for Mister Miracle #1, The Terrifics #1, and several issues of Batman. If you spend over $50 you’ll get two of the random variants for free, so if you want all six of them you’d best find $150 worth of product to buy.

It’s nice that publishers are making these books available for people who may have planned to go to the conventions but can’t due to the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing requirements. It also makes sense that they would put them up online so that they’re not just sitting on product they’re not able to sell. It’s a win-win all-around.

The DC and Graphitti Designs WonderCon 2020 exclusives are available online now.