With a vast amount of information out there in regards to COVID-19 (and not all of it reliable) Hero Projects took it upon itself to put together its own Plan & Preparedness for COVID-19 animated motion comic – available to watch or read right here at no cost.

Hero Projects ensures its COVID-19 related information is correct by bringing on Dr. Steven Lamm, Director of Medicine at NYU Langone’s Preston Robert Tisch Center for Men’s Health to consult on everything from proper social distancing, hand washing and what to do when if symptoms appear. The comic itself is told through the perspective of Sam, a 30-something, healthy male, who contracts coronavirus and learns how to avoid spreading it to others. Check out the full synopsis, then scroll down for a six minute video with narration, or five comic pages.

The comic follows Sam, a 30 something year old healthy male, as he unknowingly does the opposite of what the voice over narration is advising us all to be doing to avoid spreading the virus. After ultimately contracting the virus, he then finally begins to wise up, and takes the necessary steps, but he has already irresponsibly spread the virus. Sam represents the average naive (and arrogant) American who thinks that because they are young and healthy, they are impervious to this particular virus.

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