One of the most anticipated panels of this weekend’s DC Fandome celebration has to be the Zack Snyder’s Justice League panel. Director Zack Snyder appeared to talk about the forthcoming HBO Max miniseries of his Justice League cut, to answer fan questions as related by the film’s cast, and to ask some fans questions of his own. The panel also included a teaser for the series, which you can see here.

The panel began with behind-the-scenes footage of Snyder on-set, interacting with the stars of the film. Snyder kicked things off thanking fans for their passions for his version of Justice League. The panel then opened for fan questions, as read by the actors.

Ben Affleck asked Snyder who his favorite superhero of all time is. Snyder said, other than Batman, that Doctor Manhattan is his favorite, citing his powers as what makes him a favorite.

Henry Cavill relayed a question about the dynamic between the Leaguers, and what’s important to relay on screen. Snyder said the important thing is that “a lot of them basically are loners.” Bringing those characters together into “a family” was what Snyder said drew him to the story, and is what’s fun about seeing the characters interact.

Ray Fisher, after expressing his excitement about The Snyder Cut, asked who Snyder was excited to fully flesh out in his version of the movie. Snyder said Cyborg, who he said “holds the team together.” Fisher also relayed a question about the themes Snyder wants to tackle, and the challenge of keeping the tone of the movie “mythological.” Snyder cited Joseph Campbell and the hero’s journey as something he and Chris Terrio had in mind when they were writing the movie. “It is a mythological concept to begin with,” Snyder said, comparing the characters to a mythological group.

Ezra Miller asked how much more Flash content there will be in the Snyder Cut. Snyder said of course, and that he loves both The Flash and Miller. He teased Barry’s “emotional arc” in the movie.

Gal Gadot also thanked the fans for their dedication to seeing the Snyder Cut released, and Snyder called Wonder Woman 1984 “an amazing movie,” and praised Patty Jenkins for the film.

Jenkins then appeared to ask if Snyder had anything he could share from the film “without giving too many spoilers.” Snyder said we would see The Flash do something “timely,” saying he’s a character who interacts with time and space differently.

Snyder then brought in a few fans, who he said had been important to the push to release the Snyder Cut, to answer questions about the movement and why the release of Snyder’s cut had been so important to them. 

Following the fan Q&A, Snyder reiterated that the film will be released in four hour-long parts, and that afterward they will be bundling all of it so it can be viewed all at once. Snyder then played the teaser for his cut of Justice League.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is coming to HBO Max in 2021.


  1. Film critic Glenn Kenny sarcastically tweeted:

    “I just read that the Snyder Cut trailer is set to Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” and I’m just startled by the balls and originality of that move. Certain masterpiece to come, people.”

    “Hallelujah” has become one of the most over-used pieces of music in movies. Snyder has already used it, for a ridiculous sex scene in “Watchmen.” Find another song, Zack.

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