Are you still running on a Daredevil high from over the weekend? We sure are, and we’re working on our big post-binge review which you’ll see this week. But in the meantime, for those who are done watching, how do you fill that Marvel-Netflix shaped hole that Charlie Cox and company have left in your life?

Why, with AKA Jessica Jones news of course.

Marvel’s next Netflix series doesn’t have a release date, the network still lists it as a 2015/2016 release, but filming is well underway.

One question that was brought up on a group viewing of Daredevil this past Friday, what exactly is David Tennant‘s Kilgrave/Purple Man going to look like? Will he actually have purple skin? Marvel never seems to have an issue with embracing their comic roots, though if this past weekend is any indication, they seem to be going a bit more grounded with these Netflix offerings.

Thanks to an intrepid Instragrammer, we might just have the answer. This person was able to snap a shot of Tennant on set:

purple man

So, based on that, there’s no purple skin in sight. Then again, this may be before he gets his mind controlling abilities, we can’t say for sure as of yet. But, as Daredevil has given us the most compelling Marvel villain since Loki in Wilson Fisk, I’ll be fascinated to see how they handle one of Marvel’s more frightening characters.