Madefire Studios, the film and television production arm of Madefire Comics, has announced the acquisition of the Dave Gibbons series Treatment for development in other media. The announcement was reported today by Variety.

Developed by Dave Gibbons and set in the near future, Treatment presents a society in which real-world violence is presented as entertainment, and follows a group of hunters from various backgrounds who are hired by a broadcast company to track down and murder criminals for the entertainment of the masses. Gibbons created the initial installment of the series with artist Jimmy Broxton, and wrote and drew a later installment as well. Other creators who have worked on the series include, among others, Robbie MorrisonDoug Braithwaite, and Denys Cowan. Madefire co-founder Liam Sharp has also worked on several episodes of the series.

Founded in 2011 by Sharp, Ben Wolstenholme, and Eugene Walden, Madefire started as a platform for creator-owned digital comics, presented as Motion Books. The Madefire app now features comics from most of the major U.S. publishers available for purchase, along with a library of Motion Books based on licensed and original properties.

No talent is yet attached to the adaptation of Treatment. Keep an eye out for that as it’s announced.