Dark Horse Comics announced today that they will be publishing Lightstep, a five-issue miniseries created by writer and artist Miloš Slavković. The creation of Lightstep (at the time known as Lightstep Chronicles) was successfully funded via Kickstarter back in April of 2017.

Here’s how the Kickstarter page described the series at the time:

Lightstep Chronicles take place in a future age, eons after our days and far away from our ancestral home, when time itself is the ultimate form of class distinction and oppression. Our galaxy, ruled by the omnipotent entity known as the Primogenitor, became a place in which the entire lifespan of the meek and underprivileged lasts as much as a single day in the life of the high and the mighty. In the midst of such a world, a young woman – an exile from a planet of fanatics bent on genetic purity – joins forces with an enigmatic Radio Pirate in order to unravel the mystery of a 1930’s radio program that seems to predict future events with eerie accuracy.

Check out a preview image for the series, as well as the official press release with more details, below. Lightstep #1 hits stores in November.

MILWAUKIE, Ore., (August 16, 2018)—Dark Horse Comics invites you to explore writer-artist Miloš Slavković’s science fiction romp Lightstep. Alien worlds, a star-spanning empire, and technology about which we can only dream, combine to tell a story of secrets hidden in the transmissions of a radio drama from Earth thousands of years ago, and a woman whose date with destiny is about to send a ripple through the cosmos.

The galaxy is controlled by a race of elevated beings who live out their lives on accelerated “Lightstepped” planets—where a single day spans a lifetime on other worlds. Lightstep follows January Lee, a woman of royal descent, whose “divine illness” reveals to her the lies of her ancestors who founded the empire. Banished from her home into the void, an unexpected rescue sets January on a course to redeem her heritage and change the galaxy forever.

Lightstep #1 (of five) goes on sale November 21, 2018, and is available for pre-order at your local comic shop.


  1. Just another Dark Horse mini that I’ll think about getting because it is a mini put out by Dark Horse. If that is a strategy of some sort, to put out some quality minis and associate Dark Horse as a brand where you can own a complete cool little story, it’s working with me.

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