Not to be outdone by their Disney+ offerings yesterday (which we’re still all buzzing about around here), Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios unveiled a few more surprises today at the D23 Expo Disney film presentation…we knew with his final few teases at SDCC: “we didn’t have time to talk about Black Panther 2, Captain Marvel 2, Fantastic Four…etc” that there was more to come this weekend and now we’re here…let’s run down the big announcements as they come:

    • Ryan Coogler hopped out on stage to promote the upcoming Black Panther 2, which the audience (not me, sadly) got to see the latest logo for. It will see release on May 6, 2022. Feige pressed Coogler for details, but the biggest is that the name of the film won’t actually be Black Panther 2. Hmmmmm, he also did not want to reveal the villain. Could it be Namor? Not to be unveiled today!
    • The Eternals was up next, with the cast joining Feige on-stage, including new cast members Barry Keoghan, Gemma Chan, and Kit Harrington, who is not playing an Eternal in the film. Keoghan plays Druig, Chan will be Sersi, and Harrington is Dane Whitman aka The Black Knight. An unexpected choice!

  • Lastly, they showcased some new Black Widow footage, but nothing too substantial, some nice action beats and a shot of ScarJo, David Harbour and Florence Pugh sitting around in white superhero suits…I mean, it’s not Labor Day yet.

And that’s all for Marvel, a bit of a let down news-wise, but after yesterday’s huge announcements on the tv side, it would be hard to top it. But still, we can end the speculation on who Harington is playing and let everyone’s research on the Black Knight begin!!


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