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The wrestling/comics connection has always been strong, from their shared roots in carnival strongmen singlets to former grappler CM Punk’s writing comics career. And here’s a new one: Muscle Temple, an indie comics anthology spotlighting the squared circle that is currently being crowdfunded. Frank Gibson of Tiny Kitten Teeth is leading the rumble. which will include work by Maddy Flores, Sam Alden, Box Brown, Amanda Meadows, Zac Gorman. According to Gibson:

It started out of our little Los Angeles wrestling social club that occurs in my living room, usually people just throw together little illustrations or GIFs and post to it to our Tumblr. I wanted to start sharing the stuff so we started a book.

The tumblr can be seen here and it should get you even more fired up for the book itself, which will be a compact 60 pages long.


Here’s the entire list of contributors and more art.

Madeleine Flores (Bee & Puppycat, Nickelodeon’s Harvey Beaks, Help us Great Warrior, Adventure Time)

David Smith (Metalocalypse, Adventure Time, King Star King)

Tyler Hutchison (Die Homer,

Nathan Bulmer (Eat More Bikes, Nickelodeon’s Sanjay & Craig, MAD Magazine)

Zac Gorman (Magical Gate Time, Costume Quest, Over The Garden Wall, Rick & Morty)

Box Brown (Andre the Giant: Life and Legend)

Jimmy Chang (Secret Item World)

Rosemary Travale (The Champ)

J Smith (Butt Poems, Some Old Spice Commercials?)

Zach Marcus (Star vs The Forces of Evil)

Amanda Meadows (The Devastator)

Geoffrey Golden (The Devastator)

Sam Alden (Hawaii 1997, Lydian, Adventure Time)

Bryan Mann (Nickelodeon’s Sanjay & Craig)

Jamie Dee Galey (

Becky Dreistadt (Capture Creatures, Bee & Puppycat, Star vs The Forces of Evil)

and Frank Gibson (Bee & Puppycat, Capture Creatures) with mad assists by Joaquin Poblete (Ask him about working with One Direction)


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