Two weeks ago, Image Comics and Michel Fiffe announced that his one-man self-published project, the critically acclaimed COPRA would be headed to Image with new reprints of the first five collections.

This then led fans like myself to wonder, “hey, what about the new single issues?”.

You see, Fiffe has been producing those single issues in-house ever since COPRA debuted. And if you ever want to get a sense of how rare early issues are, just check eBay sometime. Thankfully, the fine folks at Bergen Street Press came in and started the collection program for the series and got a whole legion of fans hooked who missed out the first time around (like me!).

Subsequently, Fiffe had been offering those new single issues in two methods, either through direct mail subscription via Etsy or through what was a slowly growing collection of back issues on ComiXology – which are now fully up to date, and recently hit “same day and date” status with the release of the final chapters of COPRA Versus and the initial Negativeland offering, spinoffs of the main series.

But now the future has become clearer as in a recent email to Copra subscribers, Fiffe announced that Image will also be releasing subsequent new single issues to follow the collected editions that will see print in May:

What about the issues and subscriptions? I’m working on new issues at the moment (picking up where I left off, story-wise), trying to have several of them in the can before releasing them. I haven’t officially announced this but Image will also be releasing new issues of COPRA moving forward. A lot of consideration went into making the move (and I’ll soon write about it more on my COPRA How To essays over at Patreon), but the short of it is that I want to fully concentrate on making the comic books — anything else simply takes time away from that. I want to express my profound appreciation for your support over the years, as readers and as subscribers. You’ve made a world of difference.

Will the new Image era of COPRA pick up from the previous numbering? A new #1? Same paper stock? All kinds of questions remain to be answered and surely will in the coming months, but in the meantime: COPRA, now an Image Comic! How about that?



  1. I really hope the paper stock stays the same. It honestly adds a lot to the comic… I thought Fiffe’s “Bloodstrike” was fun but not as good as Copra for various reasons, and one of them was the paper stock.

  2. Great news! I also hope the paper stock remains the same, but the best aspect of this is a wider distribution and awareness of “COPRA”.

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