With the first volume of Ahoy Comics’ religious satire High Heaven now collected and available, the publisher wants to reward fans with a contest giving away artist Greg Scott’s original artwork from High Heaven #1. And we here at The Beat have been given the honor of being asked to help.

That’s why for the next 25 days, we’ll be giving away these pages — one page a day! — to lucky High Heaven readers.

High Heaven #1

In order to win the original artwork, all you need to do is follow both The Beat and Ahoy Comics on Twitter, and RT our daily contest Tweet. Winners will be selected at random. You must be a resident of the United States of America or the District of Columbia and your account must be public so we can verify follows and retweets. Note: quote-tweets DO NOT COUNT!

Terms and conditions for the High Heaven #1 giveaway are below, but first, checkout these exclusive quotes from writer Tom Peyer and artist Scott about the comic.

Peyer says, “We didn’t set out to be a publisher of religious satires, and that’s not how we think of ourselves, but we do seem to be putting them out there. Before Mark Russell and Richard Pace‘s magnificent Second Coming—we did a little thing called High Heaven. I wrote it and Greg Scott breathed absolute life into it. And he gave AHOY Comics his original art! Can you believe it? Not to be outdone, we’re re-gifting the pages to 25 lucky readers. I hope Greg doesn’t find out.”

Scott adds, “High Heaven is the highlight of my career, working with Tom Peyer is a joy. Thanks for the support, enjoy the art!”

 More about High Heaven:

 “The delightful conceit here is that just about everyone makes it to Heaven, but it’s crap. Or, like, it’s an office park, or a down-market mall. But it’s Heaven, so everyone just… has to be satisfied with it, because it could be Hell instead, or oblivion. Heaven is Spirit Airlines–no one’s very comfortable, but you could be on the Greyhound, or nowhere at all. And there’s no first class section in Heaven anyway, so everyone else is in the same boat.”

― Alex Pareene, from his introduction of HIGH HEAVEN: VOLUME ONE: THE AUSTERITY GOSPEL

Chronic malcontent David Weathers dies and goes to Heaven—where everything is terrible. and everybody hates a complainer. Hell? It’s a non-stop party that’s full of all the best drugs. And as an expert complainer and professional self pitier, David is gonna let everyone in Paradise ― from Saint Peter at the Pearly Gates all the way down ― know that he is not OK with this.

Writer Tom Peyer (The Wrong Earth, Hourman) and artist Greg Scott (Black Hood, X-Files) have created a savage satire of religion that explores an afterlife of bureaucracy, pettiness and maybe even the truth itself.

High Heaven, Vol. 1: The Austerity Gospel is now available in both comic shops and bookstores.

Contest Terms and Conditions

  • This Promotion is open only to residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia. Eligible participants must be at least 13 years old. The promotion is not open to Ahoy Comics or The Beat employees.
  • By participating in this giveaway, you agree to share your email address with Ahoy Comics and The Beat.
  • Prizes: 25 winners will receive 1 page of original artwork from High Heaven #1.
  • Prizes are non-transferable and non-refundable. No cash alternative is available.
  • The Beat will email the winner. Unsuccessful entrants will not be notified. Ahoy Comics will fulfill all prizes.

This giveaway runs for the next 25 business days (Monday-Friday, starting Thursday, August 15). Entries submitted after that will not be considered for prizes.



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