It’s time for another look at which digital comics Comixology has on sale right now.  What are the good reads and what are the good buys?  We’ll be taking a look mostly at the Comixology sales that are ending by Thursday and what an eclectic set of digital comics it is.

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Marvel’s got mutants on the brain and on sale with Wolverine and Phoenix.  Dark Horse heads in a fantasy direction, Image celebrates Donny Cates as his new title launches and that huge Justice League sale still has a few days left.

To start things off, Marvel is having a large Wolverine Legacy Sale that runs through Thursday 11/12.  Any “legacy” discussion has to start out with the original Chris Claremont / Frank Miller mini-series. 

While the naming convention of these collections is a mess, the original Wolverine on-going title is complete from 1-100 in collected edition.  Ignore the Wolverine Classics at the link which aren’t on sale.  The Epic Collections start at issue #1, then become the two volumes (with smaller page counts) of Wolverine by Larry Hama & Marc Silvestri, then Weapon X Unbound and back to Epic collections after that.  Yeah, it’s not uniform at all for such a famous series.  I’m personally fond of the second Epic Collection, Back to Basics,  for the Archie Goodwin/John Byrne sequence.  You can’t have too much Archie Goodwin in your life.

Wolverine by Claremont and Miller Wolverine on-going

I personally get a little more selective after Hama’s gone.  The ’03-’09 series had some good runs, starting with a more low key Greg Rucka/Leandro Fernandez & Darick Robertson run, followed by the Hand/espionage/resurrection antics of Mark Millar and John Romita, JR. in “Enemy of the State” and then Millar and Steve Niven for “Old Man Logan” a bit later.

Old Man Logan

For something completely different, there’s All-New Wolverine by Tom Taylor and a rotating cast of artists.  This was X-23 stepping into the name and costume while Wolverine was “dead.”  (Ha!)  A total, straight out of left field surprise and delight, this series hits all across the spectrum from humor to bloody claw battles to terror.  Worth a look if you’ve never sampled it.

There’s plenty to browse here and I’m going to thrown in another one that isn’t on sale, but also isn’t particularly expensive: Havok & Wolverine: Meltdown written by Walter Simonson and painted by Jon J. Muth and Kent Williams.

All-New Wolverine Havok & Wolverine

Running through Monday (11/16), Image is having the “Crossover Creator Sale.”  Let me translate that for you – it’s a Donny Cates Sale. Among the offerings, I still think that God Country with Geoff Shaw, concerning dementia and invading gods, is Cates’s finest work.  I’m also happy to recommend Redneck with art by Lisandro Estherren. It’s the story of a family of vampires in rural Texas as their profile gets a bit too public.  Emphasis on family.

God CountryRedneck

The Dark Horse Magic, Myth and Monsters Sale is a slightly more fantasy-oriented than the Halloween sale, but treads similar territory with titles we’ve mentioned recently like Beasts of Burden and Harrow County. Notable among the newly on sale items is one of the original indie fantasy comics – Elfquest.  In this case, there are two flavors: The Complete Elfquest and Elfquest: The Final QuestThat’s the entire original series across the decades and the recent endcap.  The Complete Elfquest is an exceptional value with a couple of those volumes weighing in at over 700 pages!  A great comic, an important piece of comics history and a great value. Neil Gaiman is definitely associated with fantasy (to put it mildly) and has an increasing footprint at Dark Horse as his prose gets adapted. You can find several titles scattered throughout the sale, but perhaps 2018’s Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories with Mark (Fables) Buckingham might strike a chord? This sale runs through Monday (11/9).

The Complete Elfquest Elfquest - The Final Quest Neil Gaiman's Likely Stories

Back at Marvel, there’s the Phoenix Force Sale.  Phoenix as in X-Men.  Personally, I’d stay clear of Avengers Vs. X-Men. A vs X was not a highlight of event culture. Phoenix Rising is the set-up for the original X-Factor and the first resurrection of Jean Grey.  There’s a nice set of talent on this book, including Claremont, Byrne, Roger Stern, John Buscema, John Bolton, Jackson Guice and Bob Layton. X-Men: Phoenix in Darkness is the final act of Grant Morrison’s New X-Men with art by Phil Jiminez and Marc Silvestri.  There’s also a range of more recent pre-Hickman X-titles if you care to browse through Sunday (11/8).

Phoenix Rising X-Men by Grant Morrison

Still on sale:

DC’s ridiculously big Justice League Sale is still going on through Monday, 11/9. (It was described at length last time.)  Here’s the link for the Graphic Novel portion and here’s the link for the single issues.  Particularly with older runs, there’s a lot more available as single issues than as collections.  If you prefer to browse by series, here’s a few links:

JLA - Englehart

Marvel’s Star Wars Bounty Hunters and Jedi Sale

Shattered Empire