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For comic book industry observers, it was a surprise tweet this afternoon as Chip Mosher announced he is leaving Comixology Originals.


He wrote:


After 11 years, I’ve decided it’s time for a change and this will be my last week at @comixology. It’s been an amazing decade+ for me & I’m grateful to have been able to be part of the company’s growth. In particular, it’s been an honor pioneering the Comixology Originals program. Just too many people to thank. So thanks to you all! More soon! 

Although given all the changes at Comixology as it has been assimilated into the Amazon Borg, this sounds dire, I’m told that ComiXology will still be exhibiting at SDCC – and Mosher is telling pals he has a new venture lined up, so expect to be hearing about all of that.

After an epic 11-year run, Chip Mosher has decided to take a new role outside of Amazon. We wish him the best of luck in the future.

With this change comes new opportunities for others, and we’re pleased to share that Bryce Gold, who has played a key role in CO for the past year, will Lead the Comixology Originals program.

We’re also excited for the slate of content releasing the remainder of the year and look forward to sharing more with you at San Diego @Comic_Con!

Bryce Gold via Linked In

Bryce Gold, aka @_nicegold on Twitter, confirmed the news.


Mosher’s departure ends an 11 year era at Comixology during which was the right hand marketing man for co-founder David Steinberger, who departed the company in March following its controversial conversion into Amazon’s general sales platform.  

Although he started out at ComiXology as head of marketing, Mosher soon took over their “Originals” publishing program, which has been busy turning out series – many acclaimed –  by Scott Snyder (see “Scottober“), Chip Zdarsky, Rachel Pollack, Marc Bernadin, Spike Trotman, and many others.

Even as Comixology’s standalone website was absorbed into Amazon, Originals remained a vibrant line whose relationship to Amazon was always downplayed – the line offered full creator ownership and healthy page rates. And Mosher remained a very popular figure within the comics community.

Gold is not as well known a figure as Mosher, to put it mildly, but he has been Mosher’s right hand at Originals for several years, and he has his own bona fides as publishers of Pyrite Press, an indie micro press that most recently partnered with Silver Sprocket on Loudest & Smartest by Alex Krokus.

Comixology Originals creators were enthused about the move – and grateful to Mosher for his work over the years.


Although plans will go forward in the short term, observers can be forgiven for wondering what this all means, given Comixology’s shrinking profile as a stand alone brand, even as digital comics are absorbed into the larger “Kindle” storefront.


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