the wicked and the divine 6

There exist on the internet a good few resources on how to break into writing comics—many of them linked at The Beat’s own resource page—but there is always room for more, especially more by The Wicked + The Divine’s Kieron Gillen, who is writing some of the best comics out there these days. But if I had a nickel for overtime I’m asked on a panel”How do you wroite comics?”I would have many a nickel, and I’m sure Gillen’s pile of nickels (or pence) would be Scrooge McDuck sized.

 I get asked of how to write for the comics form a lot, and have put a bunch of advice in a bunch of different places. I want to put it all in one place. This is a work-in progress thing, which I’ll try and add to as things occur to me. Failing that, I’ll be using a Writer Advice tag from now on so you can click that.


This is how I started. Warren Ellis’ seminal – by which I mean in its real sense rather than my usual use of “flecked with semen” (Though with Warren, you never know) – COME IN ALONE column featured a three part sequence on how to write comics.

This was my in. I still think it’s a good in for you.

Gilled notes that much of Ellis’s advice from 1- years ago is now outdated, especially pitching, which would be a huge column all in itself.

Anyway, bookmark!


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