This is a two steps back, one step forward thing with two veteran comics shops closing, one new one opening, and one established store moving to a bigger location. Pretty typical count, really.


§ In Lansing, MI Jackson’s Nostalgia, Ink is closing after 29 years due to owner Leonard Litteral retiring:

After nearly 29 years in business, Litteral, 59, has decided to go out of business and retire.

“All good things must come to an end,” Litteral said at his store at 135 E. Michigan Ave. Although he is leaving the business, he hopes that someone else will step in and run it.

He is currently trying to sell his inventory so that he can close by Aug. 30, if not sooner.

§ In Chicago, Atlas Comics, a 25 year vet, is closing but keeping a webstore open.

After 25 years of continuous operation in the same location, Atlas Comics is closing its doors permanently on Saturday, June 29th, 2013. Until then it will be business as usual, including the new releases arriving Wednesday, June 26th. All product scheduled to arrive after that date will be cancelled and unavailable through Atlas. I hope this will give everyone time to make new arrangements to get their books. Atlas will continue to sell high quality vintage comics online and at auction. You can look for a huge expansion of our presence on Ebay under the seller name “atlascomics” within the next few months. And if you’re looking for anything old, you can still reach me through the store email ([email protected]) and the Atlas Facebook page.


§ But on the happy side, in Skippack, PA, New Wave Comics and Collectibles is opening in the Victorian Carriage Shoppes at 4039 Skippack Pike.

Husband and wife team Jason Radosky, a licensed clinical social worker, and Mikaela Martin-Radosky, a board-certified health counselor, first incorporated the business in 2000 as a web-based site due to Radosky's interest in comics, according to Martin-Radosky.

The spot will offer “new-issue needs” each Wednesday, as well as Magic the Gathering cards and game nights, and a “limited selection of top-notch comic-related collectibles,” according to the New Wave Comics and Collectibles website.


§ Call this one a tie, as Florida’s Yancy St. Comics has moved to a bigger, brighter location in a Port Richey mall:

After a successful Free Comic Book Day and numerous customer requests for expanded merchandise lines, owners Steve Baginski and Chris Pobjecky, along with a small army of devoted customers, packed up its merchandise and moved the comic haven down a few stores to a larger shop.

The new location is Yancy St. Comics’ third within Port Richey’s Gulf View Square and will allow the owners to expand their gaming area for Heroclix tournaments, Magic: The Gathering duels and Dungeons & Dragons games.The store will also carry more tabletop games like Munchin and Dixit, as well as edible merch like the popular Japanese treat Pocky.

The exteriors of Nostalgia Comics and of Yancy St. Comics are a pretty sharp demonstration of 30 years of comics retailing evolution.


  1. Those two people are far too good looking and real world capable to read comics, let alone run a shop.

  2. Yancy is a “Win”.
    It’s the rare comics shop in a mall, and it has moved to a larger space.
    (It’s also blocks from a state park and the shoreline of the Gulf of Mexico!)

  3. “Those two people are far too good looking and real world capable to read comics, let alone run a shop.”

    Is it “Let’s Indulge in Ridiculously Outdated Stereotypes Day” and nobody bothered to tell me?

  4. That mall store looks super. So bright, clean and accessible. That is the ideal way to attract casual readers, retro fans, and kids. I really wish them luck!

  5. Don’t let the photo fool you, it’s like all the good comic book movies… CGI trickery ;)

    It’s always sad to hear about that a comic book shop closed, but we aspire to be in business as long as Jackson’s and Atlas. 29 and 25 years are great runs. And, congrats to Yancy on the expansion!

  6. Best of luck to New Wave Comics! It’s a rough economy out there and I really respect you guys for braving it to do what you love!

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