…or that’s what I get from the social media reports, which are brief but positive.



Sorry to have only a vague “I quoted some tweets” report, but I didn’t find any more detailed accounts. Did you go? Was it fun? Does LA have a comics show that befits it status at last?


  1. I was a volunteer for CALA, and yes, it was a tremendous success. Not only Groening and Scott McCloud was there, but I also spotted Jaime Hernandez in the crowd. It started out with a solid crowd and great energy and only grew larger as the day progressed. I asked around at the tables, and all the exhibitors were having solid sales, were making connections, having great conversations. If I was one of the four organizers, I would be beaming with pride. Kudos to them for this. L.A. is clearly hungry for this, and it can only get bigger.

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