Welcome to this week’s installment of The Beat’s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up!
Join us for a look into an acclaimed artist’s collection of work, a unique take on the hunt for a serial killer with Vikings and witches, and a story about a barbarian having to go back on what they believe in a new fantasy action thriller!

The Marvel Art of DAVID NAKAYAMA – A Deluxe HC & Portfolio

Creators: Clover Press (publisher), Davide Nakayama (artist)

Goal: $10,000

End Date: Oct. 5.

Goodies: Regular hardcover, dust jacket edition, slipcase edition, portfolio print set, stickers and much more.

The next book in the new series from Clover Press — The Marvel Art of David Nakayama. This campaign features a 200-page 9″ x 12″ high-end coffee table book and 11″ x 17″ portfolio celebrating the career of one of today’s most distinctive cover artists!

The Marvel Art of… books are a series of high-end, boutique artbooks that showcase legendary Marvel Comics artists, featuring iconic images alongside rare and never-before-seen artwork. We’re working closely with each artist to craft a beautiful representation of their work over the years with Marvel. Supporting this campaign supports each talent directly.

An Exquisite Collection of Nakayama’s Masterpieces: A Tribute to Exceptional Artistry and a Gesture of Support for the Artist.

This curated compilation represents Nakayama’s finest works, a treasure trove that would delight any art enthusiast or devoted Nakayama admirer.

Not only does this collection showcase Nakayama’s exceptional talent, but it also serves as a means to extend our support and appreciation for their remarkable artistry.

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We Don’t Kill Spiders Vol.1

Creators: Joseph Schmalke (writer/artist), DC Hopkins (letters), Shawn French (edits)

Goal: $7,000

End Date: Oct. 9.

Goodies: Physical copy and PDF as well as comic variants and original cover art!

In the early Viking age, a faithless Norseman detective is summoned to a Scandinavian hamlet where a series of murders have occurred. Discovering the dark and bloody history of the village he investigates the local outcast, a necromantic witch who brings his atheistic values into question. Determined to prevent further homicides the two band together to discover the identity of the serial killer.

“A Necromantic witch and a Norseman detective work together to find a serial killer during the Viking age.” Is there much else I have to say?

With captivating artwork and an ingenious narrative, we at The Beat are going to be following We Don’t Kill Spiders closely. If you’ve been searching for a compelling reason to dive into a new comic series, look no further.

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Cursed Embers

Creators: B. Fableheart (writer), Dhama Rock (assistant writer ), Jeremmya Devin (artist), Lea Jean Badelles (colorist)

Goal: $1,000

End Date: Oct. 15

Goodies: A physical and digital copy in color or black and white!

In a world plagued by the chaotic forces of cursed energy, Bahati emerges as a formidable hunter dedicated to eradicating those afflicted by its malevolent touch. But destiny takes an unexpected turn when a beloved princess, dear to Bahati’s heart, falls victim to the curse herself. Now faced with a harrowing choice, Bahati must confront her deepest convictions and transform from a relentless adversary of the cursed into an unwavering defender. Betraying her former allies, she embarks on a dangerous quest to shield the princess from the very forces she once fought alongside.

Embark on this thrilling adventure with Bahati as she tests the boundaries of loyalty and love while humanity’s essence hangs in the balance. Will she forge a new path, or will her convictions shatter everything she holds dear? Enter a world where darkness and light collide and heroism’s true nature is revealed.

A protagonist who has to go against what they believe in and fight to protect what they once sought to destroy isn’t in short supply, yet Cursed Embers consists of a small team and has managed to produce a comic with wonderful art and an interesting story focused on fantasy action and an intimidating but kind protagonist in Bahati the butcher. Make sure to keep an eye on Cursed Embers!

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