Exhibitors at Comic Arts Brooklyn this weekend were kind enough to send me listings of their books—as usual there is something for everyone. I received so many listing I’m dividing this into two parts. Many thanks to the creators who took the time to send me news of their work. It looks to be a very exciting show.  Enjoy!



Ley Lines: “Unholy Shapes”

“Ley Lines is a quarterly publication dedicated to exploring the intersection of comics and the various fields of art & culture that inspire us. In Unholy Shapes, a dissociative young trans person binges on drugs, has bad Craigslist sex, and struggles with the troubled legacy of Expressionist painter Egon Schiele. Co-published by Grindstone Comics and Czap Books.”



dc cover_seneca


by Matt Seneca

DEATH COMIX presents three new horror stories by Matt Seneca, plus a scattering of choice extras. On these pages the color-seared seances of psychedelic horror movie maestros Mario Bava and Dario Argento meet the disturbing banality of modern “torture porn” flicks and the fantastic visions of extremity chased down by manga master Suehiro Maruo. Through a storm of nuclear fallout both physical and psychological, readers are given three different views into an apocalyptic world where serial murder, domestic violence, and the abuse of power are not just constant, but the only things left happening at all. And if you squint, you can discern the real horror: that the world of this comic bears more than a few similarities to our own. 56 pages | Full color | $7


SEEDS #1-5 Collected Print Set

Joel Skavdahl
SEEDS was originally drawn for serialized newspaper publication, but beyond the first story being printed in an early issue of Smoke Signal, the other pages never saw print at all. Now, over two years after these pages were first drawn and with most of them having never been seen except by close friends, these comics are finally being published as a set of 5 fine art prints, wrapped in a panoramic cartoon scene drawn during the same period, and packed in a resealable plastic sleeve.

Bow-Wow’s Nightmare NeighborsCreator Name(s)Mark Newgarden and Megan Montague CashWebsite

Mark Newgarden and Megan Montague Cash will be at Comic Arts Brooklyn on Saturday, November 8 to debut a sneak peak of their new wordless picture book, “Bow-Wow’s Nightmare Neighbors” from Neal Porter Books/ Roaring Book Press. Visitors to CAB will be able to purchase a signed copy weeks before it is available in any bookstore.“Bow-Wow’s Nightmare Neighbors” (already awarded a Junior Library Guild Premier Selection and four starred trade reviews) is the long-awaited follow up to their multiple award-winning “Bow-Wow Bugs A Bug.”“This is a mysterious and perfectly-crafted little book, full of surprises and profundities and infused throughout with an uncanny sensitivity to the current state of canine-feline relations.”–Dan ClowesBONUS: interview with Megan and Mark in the latest Comics Journal


Frontier #6: Emily Carroll
Emily Carroll
Our final issue of 2014 features an eerie and stunning original comic by Emily Carroll titled, “Ann by the Bed.” Experience the dreadful tale of Ann Herron’s bloody murder, and the awful legacy that persists today in Southern Ontario. 32 pages, full color.
Emily Carroll is an illustrator and cartoonist, and the author of the fantastic anthology, “Through the Woods,” – the wicked “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark” for our generation of readers. She currently lives with her wife Kate and their large orange cat in Stratford, Ontario.
“Oh, my love… Do you know how many houses there are in town? In the county? Out of so many houses, there is very little chance the lion will come to ours.”



Plans to Take Up Astronomy

Keren Katz

First issue of a series of mini comics about the unusual relationships between the students, professors, staff and ravens of an WBTYM  Academy. Produced with the help of The Sequential Artists Workshop.

Uncontested Spaces

Keren Katz

A journal of live guerilla poetry readings with a forward by Kenneth Goldsmith, Poet Laureate of The Museum of Modern Art who curated the events in 2013.

Shadow Hills

Sean Ford

The fifth issue of Sean Ford’s Shadow Hills on-going quarterly-ish comic about a plague that overtakes a small town and the kids who must take drugs to develop mind powers to stop it. Issues one through four will also be available at the Oily Comics table D17. 20pp b+w – $4SH0515


The Understanding Monster - Book Two

The Understanding Monster – Book Two

Theo Ellsworth
Secret Acres

Continuing where Book One left off, The Understanding Monster – Book Two follows Pharoah Tellitome, Inspector Gimble, Turtletree, Master Sponko and Minnow on their collective quest to awaken Izadore and re-establish his identity and memory. Constructed with the same lush, intricate visuals as the first volume, the story returns readers to the world of time crystals, “home bodies,” afterlife quests, thought projection resurrection and the ever-majestic Toy Mountain. The Understanding Monster – Book Two delves even deeper into the nature of creativity and imagination, and the tenuous relationship between reality and the subconscious.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 2.35.01 PM

Jeans 3
Harris Smith (editor) Adria Mercuri (cover) Laura Callaghan, Pete Toms, Victor Kerlow, Paul Arscott, Laurie Pina, Amy Searles, Josh Burggraf, Anthony Meloro, Zach Mason, Jason Murphy, G.W. Duncanson, Ken Johnson, Gregory Kirkorian (artists/writers)

Jeans is a yearly anthology showcasing new narrative visions from up-and-coming graphic storytellers.  Previous issues have included works by Benjamin Marra, Lale Westvind, Alex Degen, Leah Wishnia, Alabaster and other rising stars of the indie/art comics scene.  Issue 3 is the first to be printed entirely in color and features exciting and innovative comics by artists from the US and UK.




Impressions is Aidan Koch’s third graphic novel. It tells the story of a young figure model and her relationships with her mother, her best friend, and the man drawing her. Set in an ambiguously modern time, the book captures a young woman’s reluctant journey into self-awareness.




Walter Scott
WEBSITE: http://wwalterscott.com/

Wendy is a sardonic look at the art world and its attendant creatives and creeps.

Wendy is trendy, and has dreams of art stardom — but our young urban protagonist is perpetually derailed by the temptations of punk music, drugs, alcohol, parties, and boys. Hegemonies and hearts are broken in this droll and iconoclastic look at the worlds of art and twentysomethings.

6.5 x 9 inches, 216 pages, b&w interior, colour softcover

Photos by Jes Fortner



Now and Here #3, Trial One

B & W, 8.5×7,  90 pages with screen printed cover,
Three prisoners in total darkness recount how they got there…


Invasion of the Iguana People
Wellington Sun

A man discovers the diabolical plans of a race of reptilian monsters. Handmade comic with 5-color silkscreen wraparound cover, signed & numbered edition of 20, $20. Table D9



Title: Teach me how to be a God
By: Meghan Turbitt, cover by Holly Simple
Rap God Kanye West teaches Meghan Turbitt how to become a god and get free damn croissants


Greg Farrell
“Greg nailed it. He’s a primary source to what happened in the last contract negotiations, he did extensive research from primary and secondary sources for other events in the Strand’s and the Union’s history and at no point, did I feel like his criticism was unfair. I think if you love the Strand and it’s employees you need to read this. I think if you’re a New Yorker you need to read this. I think if you are human you need to read this.”
brew it yourself (4)
Erik Spellmeyer

DETH LEPER: Fiend Appendix
EyeBall Comix (various)
A guide to the monstrous inhabitants of the outer planes.

Printed by Eyeball Comix for CAB 2014!

28 pages of risograph monsters and evil deities by Pete SharpAnna Haifisch, Barry Cook, Sam BellRussell TaysomTakayo AkiyamaPaul Arscott, Robscenity, James TurekTim RyanAndrew WalterBrigid Deacon, Aidan Cook, Joey Fourr and Vincent Fritz.


Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 14.03.21


Tales To Behold 6

Paul Hoppe



The Worst of Eerie Publications

by Mike Howell

IDW/Yoe Books

The Eerie Publications line of horror comics pushed the envelope like no other! Publisher Myron Fass and Editor Carl Burgos (creator of The Human Torch) gleefully stole the pocket change from kids in the 60s and 70s with these over the top monstrosities. The 21 tales within The Worst of Eerie Publications are designed to trouble you, to unnerve you and they just very well might make you queasy.

Shunned by “serious” collectors for years, these low brow terrors have generated much interest in recent years. Comic fans have come to realize that despite the cheap, pulpy paper that they were printed on, the Eerie Pubs contained work by many wonderful artists with many different styles and visions.

With stories pilfered from the banned Pre-Code horror comics of the 50s, these magazines were a treasure trove of alluring artwork by talented draftsmen like Dick Ayers and Chic Stone who never got their due. The stories chosen for this deluxe edition have been meticulously remastered for your appreciation or should we say disgust?


Tusen 2 Cover
TUSEN HJARTAN STARK #2Work by Annie Pearlman, Hennessy and EA Bethea. Edited by Austin EnglishPublished by DOMINO BOOKS
Tusen 2 interiorDOMINO BOOKS returns after a one and a half year publishing hiatus with an anthology of brand new work. Roughly translated from Swedish as ‘a thousand strong hearts,’ our flagship anthology is as utopian and ambitious as the phrase suggests. TUSEN continues our attempt to present difficult, uncompromising work in a cheap and accessible edition. All too often, the most experimental or obscure work is presented in price prohibitive editions.

Each contributor is given 6 to 9 pages to work with. Anthologies—in my view—suffer from short unfocused contributions. A 50 page anthology full of one page strips often never rises above being a sampler. Our format allows for the reader to enter any artist’s world and stay there for a solid amount of time. As with issue #1, this anthology features 3 artists with radically different approaches—the reader is allowed to move from one aesthetic to another, with just enough time in each to feel and think.

Santos Shoes cover

by Marlene Frontera
Santos shoes interior
Published by Sonatina Comics
Available at DOMINO BOOKS

Saint Francis of Assisi is one of the most celebrated religious figures in history. Known for his endless compassion toward animals and the environment, our man is an icon of divine benevolence. But all fame aside, I bet you’ve never caught him on a beach day.

Santo Shoes is a collection of over 50 images that bring new energy to the legacy of Saint Francis. From the hills of Umbria to the shores of Puerto Rico, Marlene Frontera’s imagery pulses with the same gentle spirit that the saint so graciously strove for in life.

 Education interior
AVAILABLE AT DOMINO BOOKS’EDUCATION is a 132-page comic that I recently finished.  It is about a teacher who cannot control his imagination.I did this book in an edition of 50: the cover is a hand-printed lithograph and the binding is hand-sewn.’


Various artists, Alexander Rothman and Paul K. Tunis, editors

INK BRICK is a journal dedicated to work that crosses the borders between comics and poetry. This issue features original comics poetry by 16 creators including Jesse Reklaw, Alexandra Beguez, and Bishakh Som, with a cover by Keren Katz. 48 full-color pages. Debuting at CAB for $10.

Look and Despair

Look and Despair collects work made between 2012-2014 that all share an Oxymandian theme.



In a Succulent Universe

A riso printed zine combining succulents and space!






By Ben Passmore

Daygloayhole is a psychedelic post-apocalyptic adventure comic – sort of like if Paul Pope had created Adventure Time with the help of Mike Allred and Brian Ralph. This issue offers theoretical roaches, tv-faced monsters, a city of traps, a giant, floating-disembodied hand, and references to Ghost Dog, Bolano and Kafka.

Coin-Op Box Set
A screenprinted custom made box for our 6 issue Coin-Op Singles series.
The ongoing series of books, designed to look like 7″ records, explore pop culture and storytelling.
The boxes are an homage to box sets of records.
Screenprinted in two color, they are designed to hold many issues of our series ( and also 45rpm records)
To go along with the box art we are debuting in Brooklyn our most recent single:
Saltz and Pepz (Go Electric)


Stripp Mall #1

Molly Colleen O’Connell / poety unlimited

A death at the mall leads to an epic search. Clowns, teens, poodles, and workers shake the webs off their dreams of pop stardom.



The Philosopher: A Mighty Star Info File

by A. Degen

A comic book inquiry into ‘The Philosopher’, a mysterious and possibly malevolent entity who appears at pivotal moments in human history. A narrative in two chapters: the first known appearance of the Philosopher in prehistory and the most recent first person account by Professor M.E. Rayonant.

This comic is a ‘side story’ to Mighty Star in the Castle of the Cancatervater (Koyama Press, Spring 2015) and also reads as a standalone work.


Inhuman Condition
by Andrew Scully


It is the future. Civilization has crumbled from the ravages of human exploitation and war. Earth is a radioactive wasteland populated by vicious punks, insane mutants, bloodthirsty cults and corporate mercenaries. The Zone Tripper must navigate this terrain on his courier mission to The Hills, the last bastion of civilization in a brutal post-apocalyptic world.