This weekend it’s Comic Arts Brooklyn in Williamsburg and here’s a look at the books that will be debuting. Thanks to all the contributing publishers and cartoonists for supplying the info and lightening our wallets.

Because there were so many new and exciting books I’m splitting this into two parts. Look for part two tomorrow!

Among the highlights: Frank, by Jim Woodring, in 3D, a new issue of Frontier with Michael DeForge, the lost art of Niso Ramponi, new Jordan Crane, new Lale Westvind…the only problem will be finding room for all this swag.

Just as a reminder, although CAB is a two day show, books will be on sale SATURDAY ONLY! You have only one day to swoop in and buy all these books. Sunday is programming only.

We’ll have more info on CAB satellite events later today.

Frontier #10: Michael DeForge
“Sensitive Property”
Michael DeForge
Frontier #10: Michael DeForge is the latest issue of the ongoing (Ignatz Award-nominated) monograph series, Frontier. Michael’s issue features the story, “Sensitive Property.”

Told through prose and colorful geometric imagery, “Sensitive Property” is an affecting personal narrative of a real estate consultant, whose experience as a former radical has made them a valuable commodity.

32 pages, full-color, includes a short interview.

Sara Varon

edited by Josh Burggraf
Retrofit Comics

Future Shock Zero is a monumental comix anthology focusing loosely around the watchwords of SCI FI ASTRO PLUS. It is packed to the gills with talent from the razor’s edge of the thunderground. Your eyes will be bathed in the soothing glow of full color for all 136 pages of the spectacle contained within. Enjoy!



klaxon for CAB.jpg
Si Spencer & DIX

Cover or other JPG image (72 dpi preferred): attached
Carlisle, one of three slackers high on wax and cavity wall insulation, finally has a reason to leave the house: new neighbors. But his offer to help Carol and her weeping mother move in incurs the wrath of their landlord, the grim, grinning Mr Stapleton, and his halfwit minion son. As Mr Stapleton’s malign influence begins to plague both houses, the residents are afflicted by milk binges, metamorphoses, and indoor confectionary storms. Inspired by the unspoken wisdom of a giant porcelain cherub, Carlisle realises he must take the fight to his enemy – only then will he have a chance of saving his friends and neighbors.


Filmish: A Graphic Journey Through Film
Creator: Edward Ross
In Filmish, cartoonist Edward Ross takes us on an exhilarating ride through the history of cinema, using comics to uncover the magic and mechanics behind our favourite movies. Exploring everything from censorship to set design, Ross spotlights the films and film-makers that embody this provocative and inventive medium, from the pioneers of early cinema to the innovators shaping the movies of today, from A Trip to the Moon to Inception and beyond. A witty and insightful reflection on the enduring power of the cinema, Filmish is a lucid and lively guide to the stars and stories that have shaped our lives for more than a century.

Jeremy Sorese
After years of technological advancement and automated convenience, complacency has set in and the robots that humanity depend upon are breaking down. Meanwhile, Avery, a waiter on board the cruise ship the ‘Forever Tomorrow’, faces an emotional breakdown at the hands of a relationship that was never meant to be. Can Avery find the strength to move on in a world where everything seems to be falling apart? It’s Asimov by way of Ephron in a story of love and heartbreak set against the backdrop of technological turmoil, recycled energy, and the threat of the beautifully destructive ‘Bolt Revolt’.

test tube front cover black.jpg
Test Tube
Carlos Gonzalez (signing at the 0Press Gang table U37 from 1-3pm on Saturday.)

Floating World Comics
Test Tube follows three people living in a faceless city of decrepit movie theaters, girlie night clubs, and paper thin apartment buildings. Within that stew, they are exposed to strange photographs, statues, cardboard cut-outs, and sexual mania. Their destinies converge, revealing an ambitious plot to accelerate human evolution. The debut graphic novel by Carlos Gonzalez, who has self published over 500 pages of the most delirious, funny and surprising comics ever made.

The Carboniferous
Estrella Vega

The fourth book in a series about prehistoric life, it features a 6 feet long panoramic view of the animals and plants alive during the Carboniferous period as well as text explaining major evolutionary and geologic events.

Quarter Moon #6: Impractical Cats
By Farel Dalrymple, David Mack, Matt Huynh, Kelly Phillips, Lisk Feng, etc.
Locust Moon Press
A tribute to Locust Moon’s loyal cats, Inky and Rooster, and all the enigmatic creatures who slink and prowl through our messy little lives. Includes stories by the likes of Farel Dalrymple, Matt Huynh, Rob Woods, Kelly Phillips, and Lisk Feng; illustrations by Paul Pope, David Mack, Ronald Wimberly, Bill Sienkiewicz, J.G. Jones, Dean Haspiel, and more.

Lale Westvind 
(Published by Breakdown Press, UK)

Wordless, 4 color risograph printed, 24 pages.

Crickets #2
Sammy Harkham

Second issue this year! Blood of the Virgin continues! and Blobby Boys bonus strip!

Magma: Dynamo Conflagration
NO-Man Press #10
Rodger Binyone
(cover pic attached)

(20) page
4 color
all screenprinted book
complete w/ cassette soundtrack
8 x10
edition: 250

Magma: Dynamo Conflagration is a loosely developed story of 2 geologists and their mission to Icelandic Lava fields, which turns hazy, ventures underground, & includes some robotic & dimensional elements.

Emergence #3
Cullen Beckhorn (editor)

Emergence #3 is a newspaper published sporadically by Neoglyphic Media and distributed for free anywhere that you can find it. This issue includes contributions from: Nou, Danielle, Cullen Beckhorn, Drew Miller, Sam Moss, Jason Overby, Theo Ellsworth, Toby Leibowitz, Wyatt Hersey, Bjorn, Ben Nadler, and Joel Skavdahl.


Book of Hope
Tommi Musturi – attending CAB

Tommi Musturi’s technicolor dream is a beautiful masterpiece of life and death, as told through a slow examination of our retired protagonist and his wife in the arctic exotic of Finland. Fans of Chris Ware will appreciate and be enthralled by the gorgeous colors and economy of lines that Musturi uses to bring this book to life, even as his characters step closer to death.


Frank in the 3rd Dimension
Jim Woodring
This is your chance to see Frank as you’ve never seen him before. Not the stark black-and-white Frank. Not even the glorious fully-painted Frank. No, this is Frank in the third dimension: about as real as you can get him outside of an Ionescoian theatrical performance (which could be next — watch your local theatre listings). Frank and Frank’s world are already hallucinatory, but seeing him in the most technologically advanced and artistically crafted 3-D ever produced is an experience that has to be savored to be believed.


Ronald Searle’s America
Ronald Searle, ed. Matt Jones
Legendary British illustrator, Ronald Searle, was sent to every part of the globe to capture life with his virtuoso, and often sarcastic, observations. In the 1960’s he took to America with pen in hand to cover everything from politics, to sports, and to everyday moments. Edited by Matt Jones, this deluxe coffee table book is for more than just Searle fans, but for anyone seeking to glimpse life in America during one of its most iconic eras drawn at the hand of a master.

Yo, Miss: A Graphic Look at High School
Lisa Wilde / Microcosm

(Lisa will be at our table at CAB!)
Yo, Miss: A Graphic Look at High School takes the reader inside Wildcat Academy, a second chance high school in New York City where all the students are considered at-risk. Through strong and revealing black and white images, Wilde tells the story of “eight students who are trying to get that ticket to the middle class—a high school diploma.” Whether they succeed or not has as much to do with what happens outside the classroom as in, and the value of perseverance is matched by the power of a second chance. It is a story that shows these teens in all their beauty, intelligence, suffering, humor, and humanity (and also when they are really pains in the behind.) A view from the trenches of public education, Yo, Miss challenges preconceptions about who these kids are, and what is needed to help them graduate.


Manspressions: Decoding Men’s Behavior
Joe Biel + Elly Blue / Microcosm

You’ve heard of mansplaining, but what about manstitutions? From manologues to manversations, mantrums to manger, the behavior of men is decoded at last for your enlightenment and entertainment. It’s a new wave of feminism, and that wave requires a new language. Manspressions creates a common language for societal forces that hold everyone back, but that have been difficult to talk about until now—because we lacked the words.

teenrebs_lg (1).jpg

Teenage Rebels: Stories of Successful High School Activists from the Little Rock 9 to the Class of Tomorrow
Dawson Barrett / Microcosm

Teenage Rebels provides a glimpse into the laws, policies, and political struggles that have shaped the lives of American high school students over the last one hundred years. Through dozens of case studies, Dawson Barrett recounts the strikes, marches, and picket lines of teens all over the U.S. as they demand better textbooks, start recycling programs, and protest the censorship of student newspapers. With historically-influenced artwork and accessible writing, this book is for anyone who has ever challenged the rules and wished for a better world.

Keep Hunting
Malachi Ward

Stranded millions of years in the past, an explorer faces the ambivalence of the natural world. 12 pages, full color, 4″ x 6″.

Scumburbia_Sam Grinberg_2.jpg
Scumburbia #0
Sam Grinberg

Two punk kids try to get to a show in scummy suburbia.

Scumburbia_Sam Grinberg_1.jpg

Shaggy Dog.jpg
Imitating Life” #1
Karl Stevens

32 page full color comic of all new material from the award-winning, alt-weekly cartoonist Karl Stevens.


Natalie Andrewson

Mamuanna is an adventure story following a young demon girl Anna and her old cat Mamu. Drifting through the southern Appalachian mountains they run into drunks, feasts and mysterious priests in their search for a permanent home. What they don’t know is something dark and magical lurks beneath the surface of this superstitious country.

It’s a Risograph printed, 40 page, kid friendly comic.

There is an O Brother, Where Art Thou? style playlist to go along with the comic. Ask about it!



Art – Jamie Vayda
Stories – Alan King, Christian Maes, Eric Perfect, Erika Lane, Joel Rivers

Featuring stories written by Eric Perfect (Kadillac Tattoo, Rancid Vat, Double Penetration, Limecell, The Heels, Hellstomper, The Workhorse III), Christian Maes (Belgium Television writer, Captain Catastrophy: The International Man of Danger), Alan King (Polecat Boogie Revival, Beer Drinking Christians, Hellstomper), Joel Rivers (The Early Graves, Evel Kow, Before I Hang), Erika Lane (DISAPpointed PARents, Early Graves, KILLZALL, The Stovebolts) and a cover by Aaron Rayborn (Vorpal Hand, Malamute, Kookaburra). Every story made into comix by none other than Jamie Vayda (The Stovebolts, Before I Hang, The Vaydamen, Prom Guilt, Trench Knives)!
Published by Birdcage Bottom Books.
5.5″ x 8.5″, 32 pages. $6
B&w on fuchsia coverstock with b&w interior

Jordan Crane:
Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 2.58.53 PM.png
Uptight no.5
Jordan Crane

4 stories in which awful and terrible things happen. Keeping Two, Wake Up, the Dark Nothing, and the Middle Nowhere. 112 pages  b/w with 26pgs in black & purple.  square bound. 7.25 x 10.2

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 2.56.58 PM.png

Keeping Two no.5
Jordan Crane
The 5th part of Keeping Two, 44pp, b/w, stapled, 5 x 8

There Is No Right Way to Meditate: And Other Lessons

Yumi Sakugawa

In There Is No Right Way to Meditate, award-winning artist Yumi Sakugawa helps you tap into your inner self and finally find the peace that you’ve been seeking. Each page offers a unique perspective on how to lead a more mindful life, with captivating ink illustrations and encouraging words like, “it’s okay if the only thing you did today was breathe.” From simple ways to get rid of a bad mood to instructions for making your intentions come true, her lessons will inspire you to become more aware of the present moment and find stillness no matter where you go.

Into The Waves_I Believe In Ghosts.jpg
Into The Waves/I Believe In Ghosts
Nicholas Offerman

The book is two stories, one a coming of age story of a teenaged girl on a family vacation, and the other a story about two friends         trying to spend a night in a haunted house.

When The Snow Melts Part Two.jpg

When The Snow Melts Part Two
Nicholas Offerman
Part two of a story that follows Ed as he ventures to a party hosted by his first love, Alex, intending to confront him over how things ended between them.

Quit Your Job and Other Stories
by James Kochalka
On his way to work at the Chinese restaurant, Magic Boy discovers an enchanted ring and determines to make an expedition to the North Pole. He only gets as far as the coffee shop on the next block, but his world is forever changed in the short journey. The predecessor to the author’s popular American Elf diary comics. Includes the entirety of Kochalka’s 1997 book Paradise Sucks and two additional stories featuring characters from that world. Double the size of the first edition. Features a brand new five page introduction by the author, as well as the original Introduction by Jeff Smith (Bone, RASL)


Comics Workbook Magazine #10

This issue is guest edited by Whit Taylor (who also created the cover) and includes a conversation between Sara Lautman and Scott Longo, an essay on Chantal Montellier by Dan Mazur, comics by Aatmaja Pandya, Hannah Kaplan, and Nicholas Offerman, as well as a discussion between Keiler Roberts, Scott Roberts, and Rob Kirby.

COVER_Vol 1+2.jpg

Kremos: The Lost Art of Niso Ramponi, Vols. 1 & 2
Joseph V. Procopio, editor / Lost Art Books
He worked under numerous names—Kremos, Niso, Nys O’Ramp—but he occupies a singular space as Italy’s cartooning Casanova, and he finally gets his due in this new two-volume set from Lost Art Books. From the mid-1940s through the early 1960s, Niso Ramponi’s work was everywhere, from collaborating with friend Federico Fellini in Italy’s animation industry to drawing newspaper strips to creating movie posters for Walt Disney. Ramponi made his name, however, in Italy’s weekly satire magazines, for which he drew some of the world’s prettiest “good girl” gag cartoons and covers for over a decade. Volume 1 collects over 200 of Kremos’ bodacious black & white cartoons and illustrations, while Volume 2 adds 250 of his curvaceous color comics and covers to the set. Combined, these volumes offer a comprehensive overview of the maverick artist when he was at the height of his powers. Vol. 1: $27.95 • 200 pp. • B&W • paper • ISBN: 978-0-9906932-3-9
Vol. 2: $34.95 • 260 pp. • Color • paper • ISBN: 978-0-9906932-4-6
Lost Art Books at Booth #U9 is one of the five official sponsors of Comic Arts Brooklyn 2015.

Perish Plains Vol. 4
Ron Rege Jr. and Fiona Smyth.
It is the fourth in this series of four-color risograph drawing collaborations. The theme of the series is (loosely) landscapes.

The Bus 2 cover.jpg
The Bus 2
Paul Kirchner
Editions Tanibis

It contains 48 new cartoons featuring the surrealistic adventures of a bus and commuter. The strip originally appeared monthly in Heavy Metal magazine from 1979 to 1985. Tanibis published a collection of the earlier cartoons in 2012. Kirchner will be selling both books at CAB.

Maleficium 3; Battle for the Bay
Sabin Cauldron

The third installment of our lesbian separatist witch coven takes us into the 90s and San Francisco’s first dot-com boom. If you ever wanted to see what a crust punk Liefeld would look like, this is the book for you! 40 pages black and white. 6″ by 9″. $5.00.


Tempora Mutantur
Kutikuti (V/A)
Edited by Petra Virtanen, Heikki Rönkkö, Tuomas Tiainen & Tommi Musturi

Kutikuti is one of the most recognized phenomenons of the active Finnish comics scene – a collective that during its 10-years of existence grew up into an open contemporary comics association. Tempora Mutantur is a brand new anthology that presents the current 40-headed cast of the group. In its big size and colourful appearance Tempora Mutantur gives a good look what’s happening in Finland today.

“Envoy part 1”
Lane Milburn

First print collection of a science fiction tale that debuted at A female bounty hunter takes on a job as diplomat on an alien world.