The Guardian is serializing a new Chris Ware comic, called The Last Saturday. If there was a contest to chose the most Chris Ware-like title for a new Chris Ware comic “The Last Saturday” would be near the top. According to the site:

A brand new graphic novella by the award-winning cartoonist Chris Ware, tracing the lives of six individuals from Sandy Port, Michigan, published in weekly episodes. A new instalment will appear on this page every Saturday.

Given the size and storytelling methods of Ware’s work, I found the next sentence just as revealing:

Viewing on mobile? Scroll down to the thumbnail image and use the red, touch-controlled viewfinder to navigate around the full strip

That’s right, beeyotch, they had to devise some kind of viewer just to read what you can hold in your hands in the newspaper.

Anyway this looks amazing, duh.


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