CHEW, the cibopathic comedy smash comic by John Layman and Rob Guillory has been picked up for development at Showtime, and a script by Terri Hughes Burton and Ron Milbauer has been purchased. It’s being planned as a half-hour comedy; Stephen Hopkins will direct as well as executive produce.

The CHEW deal was put together by Circle of Confusion, which also reps the smash hit The Walking Dead and a possible Powers show.

CHEW, which was rejected by every comics publisher before going to Image, has been one of the most reliable non-Big Two comics, saleswise, and collections and deluxe editions have also sold well. The book concerns Tony Chu, a detective who solves mysteries by eating things in a world where meat has been banned after a massive bird flu epidemic. As a quirky comedy it might fit in well at Showtime, whose other hit shows include Dexter, Nurse Jackie, and The L Word.


  1. He would be a good choice, though he’s lost a lot of weight. Not that any actor would really match Mason’s build.

    I would have liked to have seen an hour show, though. At half an hour Weeds often feels to rushed.

  2. I’ll settle for having an actual Asian guy playing Tony Chu, since I fully expect the Hollywood-ization of this thing will make him a white guy.