With a bunch of editorial types going off to California to join Geoff Johns’ secret avengers team, there have been a few openings in DC Editorial of late, and at least two have been filled.


According to this post on DC’s Source Blog, former Wizard magazine Editor-in-Chief Pat McCallum is now an editor at DC in an undisclosed group.

This floor houses the DCU editorial team and it’s my stop. I’m their newest editor, hired a few weeks back and itchin’ to make the best comic books possible.

McCallum had a long run as Wizard’s editor-in-chief, with a well liked reputation, before being let go in one of their purges back in 2006. Maybe it’s our own failure of vision that McCallum will always be, to us, the guy who dressed like Galactus…perhaps he’ll need to find a new costume at his new employer.

Batman group editor Mike Marts recently tweeted about his latest hires, including former Marvel editor Bobbie Chase:

Hey Bat Nation! Please join me in welcoming the newest member of the Batgroup. Former Marvel editor Bobbie Chase joins my squad of editors…..an editorial squad which already consists of these talented folks: @rgluckst @gimpnelly @rickeypurdin Harvey Richards & Katie Kubert!

(For the non-Twitterfied, that’s Rachel Gluckstern, Janelle Asselin, and Rickey Purdin.)

Chase served at a number of positions at Marvel from 1987-2001, rising as high as editor-in-chief for a year. Since leaving, she’s been most recently the editorial director for Stabenfeldt, a Norwegian children’s publisher, and a freelance novelist.

She’s definitely one of the key players at Marvel during the ’90s, and joins her old compatriot Bob Harras, who is now the editor-in-chief. Clearly, Harras isn’t afraid to hire seasoned veterans who have proven track records.

Congrats to both McCallum and Chase.


  1. Congrats to both!

    “The elevator “dings!” open at my next stop to reveal over fifty people waiting for me-assorted heroes and villains of the DC Universe adorning a massive six-foot-high, thirty-foot-wide mural. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash…all the big guns mixed in with crazy obscure guys like Enemy Ace, Judomaster and Paul Kirk Manhunter.

    No comic fan could resist the image: you HAVE to step into this lobby to get a better look. It’s then that you notice the dozens of signatures spanning the length of the art-each of these characters was drawn by an industry legend. Jack Kirby, Will Eisner [sic], Curt Swan, Jim Steranko…you could spend all day trying to figure out which artist drew what character. Or at least try and figure out who that one superhero is standing behind Robotman. A maskless Mister Miracle…? No one I ask seems to know for sure.”

    That mural is a reproduction of the jam piece found inside “The History of the DC Universe”, a hardcover published during DC’s 50th anniversary. 978-0-930289-26-3
    Therein is a centerfold of the piece, along with a character and artist key.
    Image and key can be found here:

    I believe it is also reproduced in the recent “DC Vault” collection.

    Robotman? Ah, you mean Cliff Steele (no relation to Sarge Steele, seen in the front row). That character is Silverblade, drawn by Gene Colon. It was a maxi-series in 1987, featuring a washed-up actor who was given the power to transform into any character he had portrayed on film.