Uncanny X-Men #534 WonderCon Variant.jpg
Speaking of WonderCon, although Marvel was a proud participant in the 1987 show, they haven’t been an exhibitor at WonderCon in many a year– a string that will be broken in 2011 — presumably to promote their movie slate. To mark the occasion, they are releasing a show variant cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli:

Marvel is proud to announce that to commemorate their first appearance as an exhibitor at WonderCon, they will be producing an exclusive Uncanny X-Men #534 WonderCon variant! Featuring some of the most popular X-Men, this beautiful cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli, created specifically for this San Francisco-based convention, will only be available for sale at the Marvel Booth (#801) while supplies last!
Marvel will be arriving in full force at WonderCon in San Francisco, April 1-3, with a big booth (#801), wide array of panels, can’t-miss announcements, giveaways and more! This is the first time that the House of Ideas is exhibiting at the convention and we’re breaking out the big news and big guests!
Meet all your favorite Marvel celebrities at the Marvel Booth (#801)– like Joe Quesada, Axel Alonso, Jeph Loeb, Marko Djurdjevic, Jason Aaron, Rick Remender, Giuseppe Camuncoli and more— and don’t miss the ­Marvel: Welcome To The X-Men and Marvel: Cup o’ Joe panels for some major announcements about the future of Marvel’s most popular characters, along with the Marvel Television: Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes & Marvel Anime panel for a sneak peek at the hottest Super Hero animation of 2011.
“Being from San Francisco, I am ecstatic about how strong Marvel’s presence will be at WonderCon this year,” said Axel Alonso, Marvel’s Editor-In-Chief. “And with San Francisco now the adopted hometown of the X-Men, it just made perfect sense to create a variant for this show which celebrated the city and its achievements.”

No word if there will be a naughty panty variant, however.


  1. Wow. Giants fans will mob the Marvel booth when they hear about this. Also, I think this is the only time that I will ever seek out a variant cover.

  2. I know it moved a while ago, but 4x mentions of SF vs 0x mentions of Oakland, the original home? It was there at least through 2002, and was one reason i lived in Oakland at the time.

  3. That’s because Oakland is the Newark of San Francisco Bay.

    It gets overshadowed by the glamor of San Francisco and surrounding areas. Brainiacs congregate towards Silicon Valley, Palo Alto, and Berkeley. Geeks and the well-to-do migrate to San Marin County.

    Ask the general man on the street what Oakland is famous for, and if you’re lucky, they’ll mention Jack London. Usually it will be sports related. Or maybe they’ll mention the Black Panthers.

    Besides, why should Oakland be mentioned? The press release is publicizing an event happening this year, in San Francisco. It would be like a New Yorker complaining that there was no mention of New York when the San Francisco Giants won the World Series.

    (I do think it would have been cool to have at least ONE X-Men wear an Oakland A’s jersey…)

    Hmmm… I only count ten. Which position is not being fielded?

  4. Torsten, you must not be from the Bay Area because it’s San Jose that’s the Newark of the Bay Area. Oakland is more like the mutant love child of Harlem and the Lower East Side.

  5. I wonder what ever came of the rumors that Giuseppe Camuncoli was going to be drawing some new Corto Maltese stories? He’s one of the best IMHO and his stuff keeps getting better all the time…always a plesure to see new work from him.

  6. “I wonder what ever came of the rumors that Giuseppe Camuncoli was going to be drawing some new Corto Maltese stories?”

    It’s a piece of news which I suggested to Heidi MacDonald some years ago. It was not a rumour. Matteo Casali and Giuseppe Camuncoli did a new chapter of Scorpions of the Desert, a series created by Pratt in 1969.
    They did a 60 pages story (with Kush, a charachter who appeared in some short stories of Corto Maltese) and a ten pages prequel. In the prequel appeared Corto Maltese in a pair of panels. So Camuncoli drew Corto Maltese in an official comic. It’s not a big story, with dozen of pages with Corto Maltese, but he did it.

    Two or three years ago the publisher of Corto Maltese said that new authors were working on a new chapter of Corto Maltese and he showed a panel. I don’t know who was the penciler but I’m sure that he was not Camuncoli.