While Gilbert Hernandez is new to the bible comics business, Canadian iconoclast Chester Brown has long been fascinated by scripture; long ago he adapted the gospels of Mark and Matthew in the back of his various comics periodical, but only finished Mark. These were strange, terrifying comics drawn with the inner fury that only Brown can command.

In recent years, Brown has also been fascinated by prostitution, as shown in his classic Paying For It, where he discussed his long association with the sex industry.

Well now he’s COMBINING his two interests with the upcoming Mary Wept Over The Feet of Jesus, which recounts nine Biblical stories from Cain and Abel to the Prodigal Son with respect to the prostitution—official and otherwise—of the era. Bible heroines including Tamar, Rehab and Ruth all get their own fully realized stories. I’ve had a peek as some of the pages in this book and it’s an astonishing work of both comics and Biblical interpretation—and expect there to be as much talk over what gets left out as what is put in. D&Q published a few preview pages. The book comes out in March.