In a world where the word unfettered is used quite a bit, Gilbert Hernandez can truly be said to be unfettered. The Love and Rockets grandmaster is a prolific graphic novelist (in the last couple of years alone, Speak of the Devil, Loverboys, Bumperhead, and Marble Season) and no subject matter is too raw or shocking. His The Twilight Children (drawn by Darwyn Cooke) is currently coming out from Vertigo, and here’s a brand new project, Garden Of Flesh which promises Gilbert’s own take on Biblical tales:

As only the unfettered Id of Gilbert Hernandez could conceive, Garden of Flesh is a sexually explicit retelling of the story of Adam and Eve up to Noah’s Ark. Hernandez presents a straightforward adaptation of the Bible parable, but one that also blurs the lines between erotica and pornography, as only Hernandez can. Full color illustrations throughout

Hernandez is no stranger to erotic material, from the Eros title Birdland, to countless panels of guys with their dinguses hanging out and doing things with them in L&R. given the Old Testament’s obssession with begetting, incest and drunken hook-ups, this should be a no holds-barred sex romp. It’s time to put the bib back in biblical, and Beto is just the guy to do it. 

The book is due from Fantagraphics in July.

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