What madness is this?!

As it turns out, in addition to coming out with an ace bi-monthly magazine, Heavy Metal is now publishing floppy comics as well!  One of their new mini-series, Narcopolis: Continuum, is hitting its climax with a final fourth issue releasing on February 10th, 2016.  In celebration, we’re proud to present the exclusive cover reveal to the issue.

Narcopolis: Continuum #4

Time traveler Ben’s lifelong desire to discover the truth behind his father’s disappearance has led to a path of destruction, putting his loved ones in harm’s way. Now he will do anything to reverse these events even if that means putting an end to his own life…before he was ever born! All paths lead to this moment in time in this shattering conclusion to the 4-part series based on events from the sci-fi movie Narcopolis.


Heavy Metal

22 pgs


Writer – Scott Duvall

Artist – Ralf Singh

Colors – Nicolas Chapuis

Letters – Taylor Esposito

Cover Art – Ralf Singh, Nicolas Chapuis

Variant Cover Art – Todd Mulrooney

Feast your eyeballs:RHOODO_28_01 RHOODO_28_01