Earlier this week Marvel announced the print return of a few titles that had either been made digital-only or entirely absent from the publisher’s post-Diamond shutdown schedule. With still many more titles yet to return, we now know of two more titles that will be showing up again in comic shops in September and October. Miles Morales: Spider-Man and Magnificent Ms. Marvel writer Saladin Ahmed said on Twitter today that the first issue of Eve L. Ewing and Simone De Meo‘s Champions relaunch, which spins out of the events of the Outlawed one-shot, will be out in October. Magnificent Ms. Marvel is also scheduled to be back in stores in September, Ahmed said, having been resolicited to retailers following the release of Marvel’s September solicitations.

The Outlawed one-shot saw legislation banning young superhero activity gaining steam and public support, with an ending that had Kamala Khan dead in the eyes of the public due to the actions of the Champions (she was actually fine, and standing right there as Ms. Marvel, but no one else knew that). The passage of “Kamala’s Law” will cause problems for the young heroes of the Marvel U, as already seen in Miles Morales: Spider-Man #17, which was one of the first new Marvel titles released post-shutdown a few weeks back.

The question now remains of what the status is of miniseries Power Pack and New Warriors, both of which were also slated to spin out of the Outlawed miniseries. The New Warriors series in particular has drawn attention — and criticism — for some of the new characters planned to be introduced. Will those titles also be included in Marvel’s October offerings (solicits for which have yet to be released)?

Magnificent Ms. Marvel returns to stores with issue #14 in September, and Champions #1 is due out in October.


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