New Warriors

Marvel’s Outlawed one-shot is in stores tomorrow (or actually today, thanks to COVID-19), and serves as a springboard for multiple new teams and series. One of those teams is the latest iteration of the classic Marvel teen superhero team The New Warriors. The new version features both original founding members of the group, as well as a handful of new characters (if it was all old characters, they’d just be The Warriors). Now Marvel has released a new trailer for the series, as well as character sheets for the newest additions to the team: Trailblazer, Screentime, B-Negative, and the duo Snowflake & Safespace.

The New Warriors are perhaps most infamous for having indirectly caused the inciting incident of 2006’s Civil War event, which led to the passage of the Superhuman Registration Act and a schism in the superhero world. Outlawed appears to be a similar situation, with a new law (colloquially called “Kamala’s Law,” for reasons that become clear in the Outlawed one-shot) that prohibits the unauthorized activity of superheroes below a certain age. The role The New Warriors team will play post-Outlawed is described as one in which the old guard take in and teach the new guard how to be heroes, but whether it’s within or outside the auspices of the new law is made clear in the Outlawed one-shot (which I won’t spoil here).

Check out the video trailer for the new series, written by Daniel Kibblesmith and illustrated by Luciano Vecchio, as well as the character sheets and descriptions by the creative team below. New Warriors #1 is due in stores next month.

New Warriors

TRAILBLAZER: A regular kid scooped up into the world of teenage Super Heroing. Her “magic backpack” is actually a pocket dimension with seemingly infinite space, from which she can pull out useful or random objects—it’s not always under her control. She claims to get her power from god, but “not the god you’re thinking of.”

“Trailblazer wants to help people, but she doesn’t think of herself as a Super Hero (yet!),” said Kibblesmith. “The Marvel Universe is a reflection of our own, and when a new law gets put into place, it affects people in unforeseen ways.”

New Warriors

SCREENTIME: A Meme-Obsessed super teen whose brain became connected to the internet after becoming exposed to his grandfather’s “experimental internet gas.” Now he can see augmented reality and real-time maps, and can instantly Google any fact. Does this make him effectively a genius? He sure acts like it does.

“The word ’screen time’ is only ever used in a sort of restrictive sense, and because we’re doing a story about teenage rebels, a lot of the names are about teens fighting against labels that are put on them. So with Screentime, we liked the idea that he has infinite screen time.”

SNOWFLAKE AND SAFESPACE: As psychic twins, Snowflake, a cryokinetic, can materialize snowflake-shaped shuriken projectiles for throwing. Safespace can materialize pink forcefields, but he can’t inhabit them himself, the reflex only works if he’s protecting others. They’re hyper aware of modern culture and optics, and they see their Super Heroics as “a post-ironic meditation on using violence to combat bullying.”

“[Snowflake and Safespace] are very similar to Screentime; it’s this idea that these are terms that get thrown around on the internet that they don’t see as derogatory. [They] take those words and kind of wear them as badges of honor…Snowflake is the person who has the more offensive power, and Safespace is the person who has the more defensive power. The idea is that they would mirror each other and complement each other.”

B-NEGATIVE: A teen “living vampire” exposed to Michael Morbius’s blood as a child in a rogue, but life-saving medical procedure. He still ages like a regular kid, but has all the abilities of Morbius. He’s also obsessed with all the music and attitude of a “classic” long-past decades like the ’90s, and the ’00s. “The world is a vampire…and so am I.”

“B-Negative is the goth kid. When he was a baby he got a rogue lifesaving blood transfusion, we assume, from Michael Morbius. And now he has a very similar look, and very similar vampire powers…B-Negative ages like a regular person (or does he?) and he definitely drinks blood (or does he?), but designer/artist Luciano Vecchio took brilliant inspiration from the ’90s Spider-Man cartoon and gave B-Negative the ‘leech suckers’ that the animated version of Morbius had on his palms.”


  1. Trailblazer: a lazy steal of Presto from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon as well as the Bag of Holding from D&D. She’s fat and non white to make sure we tick some boxes!

    This isn’t even good enough to be able to fail.

  2. Characters who should rejoin the New Warriors are Chris Bradley aka Kilowatt formerly Bolt Trey Rollins aka Aegis and Chris Powell aka Darkhawk alongside new members Aaron Chord aka Midnights Fire and Kyllian Boddicker aka Wildpride and it’s revealed that he shares a past with Night Thrasher aka Dwayne Taylor Silhouette and Midnights Fire.

  3. Why. Why, why do they keep doing this? This is just awful, nobody wants this. Please stop, stop making characters built around theyr social justice classification.

  4. Actually, Trailblazer looks like a lazy steal of Sport Billy. Its really hard to believe the whole thing is real…. hahahahaha

  5. I just… how do these people keep getting work with ideas like this?

    Still, I’ll give it a browse once it comes out. You never know. Might be well written. Does seem a little bit too on the nose though from that preview.

  6. This looks like it was created by sociopathic narcassitic hate mongering leftist cultists, who don’t read comics. Makes no sense. They’re are actually talented people who you could hire who aren’t pushing a racist saviour complex. From a minority that you’re clearly trying to speak for.

  7. As a minority myself this is deeply offensive bad taste and reeks of Leftist narcassitics hate group pushing sociopathy. It’s just horrible in every possible way. You should hire me I’m a minority myself clearly the only qualifications required. Talent no.. job skills no… Writing no… Drawing nope. Minority you hired!

  8. I like the idea but I think the twins are the weak link. I’d say B-Negative and Trailblazer are the strongest. I’m hoping Screentime is more Cypher of the new mutants than Hindsight lad.

    I’m gonna check it out and they are probably my new favorite lost cause.

    I like Taimur Dur’s idea of connecting to the Bombshells.

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