NCBD is on Tuesday, March 17, 2020. Today!

Diamond Comic Distributors informed retailers late this afternoon that, given the circumstances and coronavirus concerns, they would be allowed to sell new issues one day early. It’s a complicated situation given how fragile local comic shops are at this time when society is being encouraged to stay indoors and socialize as little as possible, but Diamond hopes this push will help retailers in what could be major financial drought.

Here’s the official note that went out to retailers on NCBD Tuesday, per Newsarama.

“Please be advised that – to give you the best possible opportunity to realize sales before your local quarantine policies compel you to curtail your hours or close down – all product on sale March 18 may be sold immediately upon receipt. Please note that this exception is in effect for this week only.”

Who’s to say what that last sentence implies about comic distro and sales in the weeks to come. For the next four weeks, Diamond is also suspending its secret shopper program, an auditing system in which Diamond sends in its own employees dressed as customers to ensure retailers aren’t selling product before embargo date.

Comic shops across the world are in a flurry trying to prepare for everything the pandemic by opening drive through, mail order and pick up options, or even completely shutting down in order to encourage social distancing. That’s to say, the lovely people who run our favorite shops are under a lot of pressure, if you do choose to take advantage (and take the risk) of NCBD Tuesday, call ahead, maintain social distance and be kind.


  1. I called Torpedo Comics OC to see if they were going to be open tomorrow and Robert, the owner, told me about this. Wish I had known earlier, but he’ll be doing the usual pull for my books. I think this is a great idea by Diamond.

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