Rick Veitch’s Heroica Universe is one of the masterpieces of dystopian superhero fiction. More horryfying than Dark Knight, more visceral than Watchmen, it’s a deconstruction of the genre via the real life exploitation of those who created the characters.

Published via Veitch’s own King Hell press in the 90s, Brat Pack and Maximortal came out but future volumes sadly never appeared.

But in a FB post, Veitch reveals the long drought is over, with Boy Maximortal #1, a 100 page giant of twisted goodness!:

I digitally proofed Boy Maximortal #1 100 Page Giant today. It looked pretty goddam great I gotta say.

I’ve ordered a couple printed proofs. Once I give those the hairy eyeball I’ll throw the switch and the book will be available to readers.

Not through Diamond though. Only through and a few enlightened retailers.

I asked Veitch to spill a few more plot details and he obliged:

It continues Maximortal after the end of the first graphic novel.  True-Man as a boy, hiding out from government, coming to grips with returning super powers and emerging sexuality.  It also continues fictionalizing stories of famous cartoonists struggling in comics industry while they carry idea of superheroes further (this issue it’s Jack Kirby).


In a blog post nearly a decade ago, Veicth gave a bit more info and a sample page:

Here’s something no one has ever seen. It’s a page from the opening sequence to BOY MAXIMORTAL, which was meant to be the follow-up to THE MAXIMORTAL. It involves two 60’s era college students, GILBERT SHELDON and S. CLAY WILLIAMS swapping comic books for peyote (and more) in the Sonoran Desert. Yes, yes–I know I need to get back into this and finish it. 

No Amazon link yet but this should perk up the end of the year alright!


  1. Headline is pretty tough to parse with Box rather than Boy.

    But this is amazing! Veitch is the best! I can’t even count how many friends I have forced to read the King Hell Heroica. This is great news.

  2. Rick has a very easy way for stores to buy direct from him, so it is only limited to Amazon if your LCS wants that to be the case. I have ordered my copies for Comix Experience! This link should work for stores that want to carry his newest (plus there are like three other new comics from him, recently!):


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