Tim Seeley is one of my favorite character writers in comics right now. He’s done deft work with Dick Grayson both on Grayson and his recent series Nightwing. He has an ear for playful banter and knows how to establish interpersonal dynamics between characters that further our understandings of them and take them to new places, just as Dick’s relationship with Shawn Tseng did in Nightwing.

And this is why Seeley is such a great fit for Green Lanterns, which he’ll make his debut on next week with artist Eduardo Pansica. Simon and Jessica are both fascinating choices for Green Lanterns, one burdened by his past and the other by a challenging mental illness. But while their complex dynamic has been explored and shaded over the course of the last few years, they’ve often felt like they were stuck in a bit of a developmental rut. No more, however! Simon and Jessica are going to work.

Check out the Comics Beat’s exclusive preview of Green Lanterns #33 after the jump.

Writer: Tim Seeley

Penciller: Eduardo Pansica

Inker: Julio Ferreira

Colorist: Alex Sollazzo

Letterer: Dave Sharpe

“WORK RELEASE”! Being a member of an intergalactic police force and the Justice League isn’t easy, but Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz face their most dire threats when they return to Earth and are forced to…get jobs?!  


  1. Seeley has been underwhelming on Nightwing, and this review of talking heads looks boring AF. I’ll be cancelling GL and just buy Hal and the Corps instead.

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