While the last seasons of the Arrowverse shows on The CW were forced to end abruptly in the middle of storylines due to reality of COVID halting production. In contrast to the other shows, Black Lightning Season 3 wasn’t affected since filming was completed back in January. With the Arrowverse shows set to return in 2021, production like the rest of the entertainment industry has resumed under strict health guidelines. Unfortunately, per Variety it appears Black Lightning Season 4 will be the final season for the titular hero.

Series developer and executive producer Salim Akil said in a statement:

“When we first started the ‘Black Lighting’ journey, I knew that Jefferson Pierce and his family of powerful Black Women would be a unique addition to the super hero genre. The love that Blerds and all comic book fans around the globe have shown this series over the past three seasons proved what we imagined, Black People Want To See Themselves in all their complexities.”

Unsurprisingly Tony Isabella who created the character with Trevor von Eeden, was upset to hear the news

Black Lightning isn’t the only Arrowverse show coming to an end in 2021. Just a few months ago, it was announced that the sixth season of Supergirl would be its last. Given the upcoming Superman and Lois spin-off series and Stargirl moving from the DC Universe streaming platform to The CW for its second season, it’s not as if The CW will be lacking DC Comics shows anytime soon. However, since Black Lightning played by Cress Williams was not only incorporated into the same universe of the rest of The CW Arrowverse heroes after the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event but was also a charter member of the Justice League that formed, Black Lightning’s absence will definitely be felt.

With any luck, if the pilot for the Black Lightning spin-off centered on the character Painkiller gets picked up for a full season, it won’t be the last we’ve seen of the city of Freeland.

Courtesy of CW

The fourth and final season of Black Lightning is set to premiere on The CW on February 8, 2021.