Stargirl, the live-action TV series based on the JSA character created by Geoff Johns and Lee Moder, has been renewed for a second season – and given a change of venue. Deadline reports that the series, new episodes of which are currently shared by the DC Universe streaming app and The CW, will switch entirely to The CW with the first run of its second season.

Stargirl, which stars Brec Bassinger in the titular role and Luke Wilson as her stepfather, Pat Dugan, aka S.T.R.I.P.E., originated as a DC Universe series before a deal was struck to air the series on The CW as well. Currently, new episodes of Stargirl debut on DC Universe on Mondays, a day before they air on The CW and two days before they’re available to stream via The CW app. With the second season of the series, though, the DC Universe release will be no more, and production will be overseen entirely by The CW.

The move raises a lot of questions about the futures of both Stargirl and the DC Universe app. For the former, the renewal is a good sign, and by all accounts the show has done well for The CW. What’s unclear is whether the platform change will result in changes to the show’s budget, shooting location (currently the series films in Georgia, as does The CW’s Black Lightning, so it seems unlikely the show will move, but you never know), or the core cast (will Wilson, a bona fide movie star, continue to appear on the series if it’s solely a CW show?).

The move to The CW also opens up Stargirl for crossovers with the rest of the Arrowverse of shows. The ending of the Crisis on Infinite Earths mega-crossover revealed that Stargirl, S.T.R.I.P.E., and the Justice Society of America now exist on Earth-2 in the newly-reformed multiverse. How long will it be before The Flash or Supergirl manages to cross over to that Earth?

As for the DC Universe app, the situation for their original live-action content seems somewhat bleak. Of four live-action series that have debuted on the service, only one, Titans, remains exclusive to DCU. The service cancelled Swamp Thing after (less than) one season, and shares Doom Patrol with HBO Max. A third season of Titans has been announced, but no release information has been revealed for it yet. DC Universe also recently ended their daily news program, DC Daily. The platform continues to host a lot of the back catalog of TV and movies featuring DC Comics characters, but from the outside looking in, Titans aside, it sure seems like they’re moving away from producing new content.

New episodes of Stargirl currently arrive on DC Universe on Mondays, air on Tuesdays at 8 PM Eastern on The CW, and are available to stream via The CW app on Wednesdays.


  1. @ Bill- all superhero costumes are ludicrous. people who mock one costume but then think Wolverine’s costume is somehow more realistic or acceptable… LOL

    as for “bona fide movie star” err… let me say I like Wilson at Pat he is very genuine and folksy and he has been in some movies but a bona fide movie star is someone like Denzel Washington or something. Wilson appears in movies that doesnt mean hes necessarily slumming it right now but. semantics, i know.

  2. @Jim P – no renewal of a third season of Harley Quinn has been officially announced yet. It was revealed at last year’s Comic Con that there is a 4th season of Young Justice that’s supposed to be done for the service. Bizzaro TV is another project listed on the backburner with animated episodes featuring Ambush Bug and The Creeper, but that project might have been trashed.



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