Continuing our spotlight on #BlackComicsMonth, by arrangement with Vixentoday’s spotlight is Volume 1 of Concrete Park by Tony Puryear and Erika Alexander. AND YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE from Dark Horse! This is a great deal on a very smart SF tale that Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing called

Concrete Park is a beautifully told war-comic in the tradition of DMZ and Transmetropolitan, but with an even more ambitious storyline, filled with so many warring factions, crosses and double-crosses, and general badassery that it’s a good thing that the creators chose to use such stylish infographics, textual notes, and visual tricks to make sense of it all.

Reviewers justly have praised Concrete Jungle for its diversity of cast, and it’s true: it’s a future that looks like the present (but not like present-day representations of the present), with a preponderance of Brazilians, Africans, African-Americans, Chinese, Indians, Latinamericans, and other “minorities” whose individual cultures and voices each stand out distinctly and rub against each other in ways that are smart, nuanced and always in service to the story.

As mentioned above yuo can read this for FREE right now from Dark Horse!

The book was offered for free on Comixology yesterday but now it’s only $6.99 — still a great deal so check it out. And stay on top of the #blackcomicsmonth tag so you don’t miss out on more great offers.