Continuing our spotlight on Black Comics Month, by arrangement with site runner Miz Caramel Vixen, who wanted me to remind everyone that the #blackcomicsmonth tag and site run EVERY month and not just Black History Month. Normally the site spotlight creators twice a week but in February they do one a day.

Today’s spotlight is the webcomic Princess LovePon by Shauna J Grant, including an interview with Grant.

SJG: I wanted to create a magical girl story for a while. After tossing around ideas in my head, I just became attached to the image of losing one’s heart and what that would entail emotionally, and of course having someone to make sure there was a happy end to all this. If someone’s mission was helping other people work through their issues with love (and magical baddies!) how would that eventually affect their life? Their friendships? Their own romances? I wanted to create a super cute story of going through such experiences, while focusing on a character that may not usually get the spotlight– a young black girl!

I had heard of Princess LovePon before but not read it and it is indeed super cute!