I’m a firm believer that we shouldn’t celebrate black history or women’s history only one month a year, but 365 days (or even 366 days) a year. However Black History Month has given rise to Black Comics Month and a a website covering all kinds of comics. By special arrangement with that site’s mastermind, Miz Caramel Vixen, of Vixen Varsity, we’ll be spotlighting some of their content this month. You’d be well advised to follow along on Twitter to discover a bunch of comics by new and established creators. Up first, CLUSTERF@#K! by Jon Parrish and artists Diego Toro, Kote Carvajal, Nic J. Shaw, published by Alterna Comics and described as:

After defeating an evil wizard, two private investigators suddenly find themselves being pursued by werewolves, vampires, and worst of all – GOVERNMENT AGENTS!  Luckily, Karl can transform into a powerful DEMON and Jim can transform into a GIANT… pain in the butt. Will they survive the night? And more importantly… will they get PAID??  Yeah… it’s just one big CLUSTERF@#K!

There’s much more over at Black Comics Month, but here’s a peek: