Be still my heart! Marvel has found one last way to connect with nostalgic Bronze Age comics fans and hopefully newer readers: bringing back the Marvel Treasury Edition size book! The original Treasury Editions, published from the mid 70s until the early 80s, were an oversized format that was aimed at making a splash on the dying newsstands of the time, and contained such masterworks as Superman vs Muhammed Ali, the Howard The Duck treasury edition, Giant Superhero Holiday Grab-Bag and of course, Welcome Back Kotter. Although usually reprints, occasionally there was new material, as with the famed Superman/Ali clash. The big pages made the primary colors and sturdy, Kirby-influenced art of the day practically leap off the page!

The new one will reprint the Spidey! series by Robbie Thompson and Nick Bradshow. “Nick Bradshaw’s work on SPIDEY practically leaps off the page,” says Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel. “We knew we had to do something special for fans of this series. And since Robbie Thompson does such a wonderful job of capturing the early days of Peter Parker’s super hero career, we thought SPIDEY was the perfect title to bring back this classic comic format.”

What’s very 2016 about these new editions is the price: In 1976 they sold for $1.50 but it’s ten times that now, at $15.99. Ah well.

Today, he’s the world’s greatest super hero. But before he was amazing, he was just Spidey. Class is in session as he faces off against Doctor Octopus, the Sandman, the Lizard, the Vulture and more iconic Spider-Man rogues! Strap in and suit up as Thompson and Bradshaw bring you an action-packed thrill ride through Peter Parkers early days. Don’t miss the SPIDEY: ALL-NEW TREASURY EDITION VOL. 1 when it comes to comic shops and wherever books are sold this June!  
Collecting SPIDEY #1 – #5
Art & Cover by NICK BRADSHAW
10” x 14” trim size
112 pgs….$15.99


  1. $3.99 x 5 for the first five floppies. Or $15.99 for the Treasury reprint of the first five issues. You don’t need to be a math major to figure this one out.

  2. Marvel… EAN? Or should I look for it on the newsstand? }]

    Also, it would be cool if the Star Wars miniseries were produced this way as well.
    Treasury first… then regular trade.

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