It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly two years since Archie Comics debuted Bite Sized Archie. The weekly online humor strip by writer Ron Cacace and artist Vincent Lovallo has offered readers a short, three-to-four-panel comic set in the world of Archie and his friends. The series is approaching its 100th installment, and today The Beat is pleased to announce that Bite Sized Archie will begin its first multi-part storyline with this week’s issue #92. A second print collection for the strip, titled Bite Sized Archie: Going Viral, is also coming in Spring of 2023.

The first print collection for Bite Sized Archie, which released back in April of this year, collected the full first year of the strip. It seems safe to assume the second collection will also feature a full year’s worth of stories, which would include the upcoming multi-part tale.

“Is it surprising that people enjoy our webcomic? No. We planned for that. Is it surprising that we’re getting a second print collection? No, we planned for that too. Everything in my life has led to this moment and things are occurring exactly as I envisioned,” said series writer Ron Cacace. “Thanks for reading our comic every week on social media, just as I predicted you would. The next thing I see happening is you going out and pre-ordering BITE SIZED ARCHIE: GOING VIRAL for when it arrives in May. It’s really great being the smartest and most humble writer in the world.”

Artist Vincent Lovallo, who also serves as Archie Comics’s Art Director, took a different tone, but was no less proud of the series. “Having a print collection of BITE SIZED ARCHIE was already such an incredible accomplishment,” he said. “Having a second print collection is the icing on top of an already delicious (bite-sized) cake! I’m so grateful that I get to continue working with Ron on a strip that delivers good and hearty fun week after week and am also eternally thankful to the fans who’ve continued to cheer us on! Please enjoy this second course of strips in print!”

As for the upcoming multi-part storyline, which you can read the full first installment of below, Cacace described it as a celebration of the series so far. “It’s been a dream to work on BITE SIZED ARCHIE with Vincent and to have the support of our fans and the folks at Archie Comics,” he said. “Publishing a weekly webcomic for almost two years straight is not a simple feat and we wanted to celebrate by doing something exciting as we get towards the end of Year Two.”

As for what the storyline will be about, Cacace offered few specifics: “This week’s comic is the prelude to a multi-part story that will culminate in strip #100. There are callbacks to earlier strips, and characters you thought existed for just a one-off gag will be making their unexpected returns. While we’re adding stakes and a multi-part story, BITE SIZED ARCHIE will remain the same at its core: fun, weird, and inscrutable to anyone who still has an email address.”

Check out Bite Sized Archie #92, which finds a quartet of miffed mascots joining forces to form a sort of Riverdale Revenge Squad, below. You can read all of the series’ previous installments on the Archie Comics website, on the TinyView app, or in print when Bite Sized Archie: Going Viral hits stores in April 2023.