Nintendo announced a new special edition Switch OLED and the Pokémon Company show new footage in two simultaneous trailer drops today as the November 18 release of the next mainline instalments in the mammoth franchise – Scarlet & Violet – draw closer.

The newly revealed Nintendo Switch OLED: Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Edition will release November 4 and feature a specially designed Pokémon Scarlet and Violet theme that will surely be a must have for the die-hard fan.

Similar to the Nintendo Switch OLED: Splatoon 3 Edition, the entire console – from the back of the unit to the joycons and the dock will be themed. Also like the Splatoon 3 Edition, none of the games are included.

No price was mentioned but based on the price of the Splatoon 3 Edition OLED, the price will be around $359.99 – $10 more than the standard OLED model.

Pokémon oled
Back of Nintendo Switch OLED: Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Edition
Pokémon oled
Front view of dock and joycons


Meanwhile, the Pokémon Company, via the Official Pokémon YouTube Channel,  demonstrated more aspects of the games. In a trailer entitled Seek Your Treasure!, three new areas and aspects of the games were demonstrated – Starfall Street, home of Team Star, the new big-bad; the path where the games’ gyms will be located, Victory Road; and the Path of Legends, where you seemingly get to take on at least one titan and engage in a treasure hunt for items and ingredients. These are the three open-world paths hinted in the last trailer.


The newest Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer told us:

  • Team Star is a band of rogue students, your new group of ne’er-do-wells to beat.
Meet Team Star. You have to kick their butt.
  • Victory Road: seemingly the gyms take place all along this path. You will have to take gym tests, unique challenges you must overcome before battling the gym leader. We are also introduced to one, the grass-type gym leader Brassius.
Take a gym test before you take on the leader
  • Trail of Legends. The note in the trailer says you must seek out ‘Legendary Herba Mystica’ which could be an item. It requires you to seemingly enter the lairs of Titan Pokémon in order to acquire. One of these titans was revealed: Klawf, the Stony Cliff Titan.