In a society where writing is punishable by death, curiosity would literally kill the cat. But that won’t stop people from asking questions, searching for truth, or attempting to uncover the lies that sustain their world. At least, it doesn’t stop Nem, the protagonist in Lion Forge’s upcoming OGN BezKamp.

Written by Samuel Sattin (Glint) and illustrated by Jen Hickman (Test, Femme Magnifique), BezKamp chronicles a village wherein laws, land, rituals, and warriors are sacred. The story follows Nem, the son of one of BezKamp’s strongest warriors, as he is forced to follow in his father’s footsteps — despite having no desire to be a warrior whatsoever. But the Crig beasts, which can kill a person from the inside-out with a single touch, must be stopped before they corrupt the land. Nem has no choice but to follow orders.

When Nem ventures beyond the borders of BezKamp, everything changes. He begins to uncover the lies that reign in his village, as well as the truth behind them. What he discovers pushes him to start fighting for the truth, in what may be the most dangerous pursuit of all.

Today, The Beat can reveal an extended, 26-page preview of BezKamp, which hits comic shops September 18 and bookstores October 1. It’s currently available for pre-order through IndieBound, Amazon and other booksellers; if you would prefer to order through your LCS, the Diamond code is JUL192042.

Check out the preview below (click thumbnails to enlarge).

BezKamp cover art

Disclaimer: The Beat is owned by Polarity, which also owns Lion Forge Comics.

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