Former The O.C. and Southland star Ben McKenzie has been cast as young James Gordon in Gotham, the upcoming Fox series about young Bruce Wayne and friends. McKenzie doesn’t look like Archie Goodwin, but we’ll just have to deal with that.

Gordon will be a main character in Gotham, which is set during Batman’s teen years, so it’s kind of a Smallville for Gotham City, following the lives of all our favorite character when they had acne. The above photo of McKenzie is from his Southland role. where he played a cop, but obviously he know how to play a law enforcement official.

I never watched either of McKenzie’s previous series so can’t comment on his suitability for the role. What say you, readers?


  1. I never watched the O.C. but thought he was great on Southland which was a great and overlooked ensemble show.

    He’s also the voice of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the Batman: Year One DC Animated movie, so he at least has a little it of familiarity with what he’s about to tackle.

  2. Will he have the mustache?
    If “yes,” he’s suitable.
    If “no,” he’s not suitable.

    Oh, who am I kidding? He’ll be fine.

  3. He’ll be very great! He’s brooding in both, at odds with ethics in Southland, and tonally, he’ll match Gotham if its a dark show. Southland itself had an intensity in the lines of Breaking Bad and The Wire.

  4. Yes. He was great on the OC as the straight man to Adam Brody and Peter Gallagher’s craziness. General “fandom” should give it a watch; it’s got early careers of Olivia Wilde and Morena Baccarin. And on-screen appearances by Jeri Ryan, Gisele Bundchin, Death Cab for Cutie, and George Lucas for Pete’s sake. The jury’s still out whether the show included more eye candy than Star Wars or geek/gamer references, but who cares because it’s win-win for viewers either way.

    With the OC and Batman voice work, his geek cred’s legit.
    Silly but True

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