Yep, it’s convention season again! And over in New Delhi the 4th Annual Indian Comics Convention, one of the shows organized by Comic Con India, just wrapped up, with, as the PR said:

• Kids and adults dressed as their favourite comic, superhero and gaming characters.
• Workshops with creators, artists and writers of popular comics and graphic novels.
• Over 10 New Exclusive Book Launches!
◦ Over 100 Participants-brought local, national and international content
◦ Merchandise from across the world
◦ Sessions with Leading Artists, Writers & Publishers from India & Abroad

Mark Waid, David Lloyd and John Layman were among the Anglo-comics guests, while Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba represented Brazil, while an exhibit of Peanuts was a popular destination. Pran Kumar Sharma, creator of Chacha Chaudhary, won a LIfetime Achievement award, and Tinkle Magazine received a special award. More from the PR:

“We  kickstarted our 4th year in a big way by revamping our entire event, adding more exhibitors and content. With the introduction of nominal ticketing, we tried to provide a lot many more amenities to visitors and our participants. We are extremely happy with the kind of response we have received at the 4th Annual Indian Comics Convention from fans, artists, writers and participants all together. There was so much love for comics and pop-culture in the air!”, shared Jatin Varma, Founder, Comic Con  India.

Jatin further added, “We saw everyone having a wonderful time taking part in the variety of interactive sessions taken by our Indian and International guests. Fans from all age groups eagerly flocked at the different Comics/Graphic Novels’ stalls. Comics Merchandise including Apparel, Toys-Action Figures, Mugs, Posters were a huge hit amongst fans.”

I’ve actually put the entire PR in a page here, because it’s kind of an interesting (if biased) look at the show in a huge emerging comics market. India will be a much bigger deal for comics in the coming decade.

Here’s another story focusing on Waid, Lloyd and Layman’s thoughts on the show.

Waid, who is visiting India for the first time, said he is surprised to see the huge number of young comic fans here unlike the United States.

“I am pleasantly surprised to see the turn out of children here. In the States its the older lot who seem to be interested but here it is just the opposite,” he said, adding people here are more enthusiastic about comics at an early age.

Comixology’s Ivan Salazar has a trip diary here

In the end India Comic Con was a great experience. I was lucky enough to have two great booth helpers Suriya & Shalki (Suriya even ended up getting food poisoning and still insisted on helping at the booth). It was also great to see so many comics, movies, TV fans of all-ages just be excited to attend a show with like-minded people and share in the collective comic con experience. It felt just like shows that I’ve been to in the US and seeing that same level of excitement in India is a wonderful thing.

Here’s a bunch of photos suppled by the show:




















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